Cambodian Statues and a Corned Beef Sandwich.

A Cambodian Statue at the Cleveland Art Museum.

Last weekend my younger brother’s family and I visited my mother in Cleveland for Easter Weekend.  We were fortunate that the great Snow-God, Nanook of the North, decided to give us a break…. the weather was really nice all weekend!  I know that after the epic Winter Cleveland experienced during the 2013 – 2014 season, no one will be disappointed if Nanook takes a break from now until next December.  My brother in Michigan said it was perhaps the worst Winter season he can remember!

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful visit, Mom is doing great!  Over the weekend, I met-up with some old friends and even participated in a 2 day orgy…eating-orgy that is!
Cake, peeps, chocolate-eggs and candy-corn all helped facilitate the orgy!
If only I had better self-control when it comes to food…. oh well… lucky for me there are only a few holidays a year when I participate in an eating-orgy!

On my way out of Cleveland, I visited the Cleveland Art Museum for a few hours.  The 320 million dollar, multi-year renovation project was recently completed, with the opening of a wing of the museum dedicated to Asian Art.  The last time I visited, in December of 2013, the Asian Wing had not yet been completed.  I was very excited to learn that the museum was open and I could finally see the finished project.  In one word, the end result is… IMPRESSIVE!  As I have said before, the Cleveland Art Museum is among the best museums in the world!  For me, the two best qualities of the new Museum are, the ease of navigation and the abundance of natural light.  In many museums around the world, one needs at least a good map or maybe even a GPS to navigate the various collections!  Not at the Cleveland Art Museum, all rooms flow easily around a massive, glass ceiling atrium.  The glass-windowed additions around the atrium, allow for plenty of natural light and give many of the rooms a much larger feel.  When you visit Cleveland, make sure you spend a day at the Art Museum, you will not be disappointed!            

Slyman’s Corned-Beef Sandwich in Cleveland, Ohio.

After a few hours of wandering the halls of the Cleveland Art Museum, and in particular, the newly opened Asian Wing, what better food to eat than a Corned Beef sandwich from Slyman’s on E 31st and St Claire.  Who needs tofu, miso soup or a bento-box when a mouth-watering corned beef sandwich is available!  No seriously, if you like “carne” in any of its many flavors you will certainly love Slyman’s corned beef!  One sandwich is plenty big enough for 2 people, but since I was alone this time, I felt it was my duty to eat the whole sandwich minus the dill-pickle!  I couldn’t imagine leaving any of the sandwich on the plate, eating it all was a duty I gladly accepted!  Let the orgy continue!

Slymans Restaurant on 31st and St Clair in Cleveland, Ohio.
The new Atrium at the Cleveland Art Museum.
Cleveland Art Museum, 2014.
Works of Art at the newly opened Asian Wing of the Cleveland Art Museum.
Works of Art at the Cleveland Art Museum.