Rode My Horse to a Tavern.

For the last few weeks the Big-Old-Mare (aka my Honda XR650L motorcycle) has been chomping at the bit to go for a ride.  She has been cooped-up in the barn since mid-November, when I rode her for the last time.  Even though we are almost in April, and Spring officially arrived last week, it seems “Old Man Winter” is not quite ready to release his grip on central Kentucky just yet. Yesterday morning it was 17 degrees when I went outside at about 7 am, too cold for my “first” Spring-ride of the year.  Today looked a-whole-lot better at 36 degrees at about 8 am, so I dressed for a ride, wool shirt, neck-gator, helmet, gloves and a riding jacket.  I filled the horse up with a few gallons of fresh fuel and hit the road.  By 8:30 am, the mercury had edged up a degree to 37.  From Lawrenceburg, I headed west on Hwy 62 in the direction of Bardstown, home of the world famous “Makers Mark” bourbon distillery.  After riding about 5 miles at 55 mph in 37 degree weather, my hands were sufficiently frozen that I couldn’t feel them or my twig and berries who were well on their way to the land of frozen appendages…so I decided it was time to let discretion rule!  I turned-back and headed home for a few hours to wait for the day to warm up some.  At a little after 11:00 am, it was in the mid-40s so the B.O.M and I again headed west to Bardstown!  Much better, what a difference a few degrees made, it had warmed up enough so I could actually feel my hands for the entire 50 mile ride to Bardstown.  Our destination was the 18th century Old Talbott Tavern.  Built in 1779, Old Talbott Tavern is the oldest stagecoach stop still in operation.  Even though the stagecoach no longer stops there, the Tavern still functions today as a restaurant and hotel.  Notable guests at the Tavern have included Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James and even George Patton, to name just a few!  It’s reported that the Tavern, situated right next door to the old county jail, is even haunted.  Fortunately, during my lunch I did’t encounter any ghosts, just a friendly waitress and a great sandwich!
The Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky
The Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky
The old bar at the Old Talbott Tavern
The old jail in Bardstown, Kentucky…now a Bed and Breakfast.
The iron gate of the old jail
The original manufacturer’s emblem on the jail’s gate
Log School House in downtown Bardstown, Kentucky
Downtown Bardstown, Kentucky
The downtown Bardstown, Kentucky historical marker.

Today’s ride was a great “first” ride of the year!  It gave me and the “Big Old Mare” a chance to stretch our muscles and see some new sights close to our own backyard.  I know I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again, short duration, local get-aways can be just as much fun as cross-country or overseas trips for sure!  I’m glad I got a ride in today because as I type this post it’s raining pretty hard and the weather forecast for the next few days looks pretty grim… heavy rain and possibly some snow on Saturday… wow… the weather this season has been really crazy!  I hope it warms up soon, I have many more adventures in mind!