Monument Valley on “Bessie” the Mule.

Two years ago, when I was traveling with “Bertha” the Bigfoot Camper, I visited Monument Valley for the first time.  I fell in love with the area and visited again a few days ago on “Road-Trip 2014.”  This time the visit was in my Tacoma.  While in Monument Valley I finally decided on an official name for the Tacoma.  As you may know, I like to name my vehicles… The F350 with Bigfoot Camper is “Bertha,” my Honda XR650L is the “Big Ole Mare”… aka the “B.O.M,” but until a few days ago, my Tacoma didn’t really have an official name… as I drove the 17 mile dirt loop that weaves its way through Monument Valley, I remembered all those old Western movies that used “Monument Valley” as a backdrop… it got me thinking of horses and mules… since my Honda is a Horse, I decided the Tacoma should be a Mule.  Mules are strong, have great endurance and can handle rugged terrain… all great characteristics for a 4×4 truck!  For some reason, Bessie sounded like a great name for a mule…. why not?

So it’s official, the Tacoma is now named “Bessie.”

Monument Valley Park covers roughly 91,000 acres stretching between SE Utah and NW Arizona and is administered by the Navajo Nation. The sandstone masterpieces that make Monument Valley one of the most recognized and photographed places on earth were formed over the last 50 million years by the forces of nature.  The wind and rain worked to erode alternate layers of hard and soft sediments to eventually create what we have all seen as backdrops to countless old Western movies!  Monument Valley is just a short drive from the Grand Canyon and is definitely worth a visit!

Below are a few pictures of Bessie and I during our visit to Monument Valley 2014!

Tacoma Monument Side Angle

Bessie in Monument Valley 2014.

Monument Close

The beauty of Monument Valley, 2014.


I can imagine John Wayne riding a stallion out there somewhere…. Monument Valley 2014.

Monuments and Tree

Vegetation is sparse in Monument Valley.

Tacoma Monument Far

As we get ready to depart Monument Valley, I snap one last picture!