Up North…. Spring Cleaning.

After a great Easter Weekend in Cleveland, I headed north to Michigan to my older brother’s home in the Detroit area.  It’s that time of the year when he normally, single-handedly, “opens” my Mother’s lake home near Cadillac.  I was available to help him this year and decided a “Spring Cleaning” weekend would be a great opportunity for us to spend some quality one on one time together!  The Michigan Winter was brutal this year, and the “remnants” of that brutality were still visible in the form of a few snowbanks lingering around the house.  Not only did we need to rake leaves, but we also had to shovel snow in order to find more leaves below.  We cleaned gutters, washed windows and did lots of other tasks in order to get the place ready for the Summer!  20 years ago… a few days of “spring-cleaning” would have been no big deal, but with a few more years under our belts, both of us were exhausted by Sunday afternoon!  We have been going to the same home since my brothers and I were born.  For the three of us, it’s a place with over half a century of great memories and countless “fish stories.”  We found ourselves laughing a lot about all the crazy times we have had on the lake!  Like the time, about 8 years ago, when I dressed up in a “wild-man” costume, complete with mask and burning torch.  We told all the kids we had found “Jason,” the wild-man living in the woods and he was going to scare everyone after dark.  We played it up for 3 or 4 days and many of the kids really believed us!  With about 12 kids and 8 adults on the patio deck in complete darkness, the plan was to have “Jason” run out of the woods, with burning torch in hand, yelling and screaming… The only problem was that with the rubber mask on my face, I couldn’t see right in front of my feet and I ran full speed into a 3 foot tall retaining wall made of railroad ties.  The railroad ties won, Jason lost!  I still have a small scar on my shin from that performance…. anything for the kiddos… Fun times….
Now, my brothers and I are not so crazy during our visits, but fear not…. with 4 nieces and nephews ages 13, 15, 18 and 20…. we are confident they will carry-on the tradition of “craziness…”
Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us a place to create so many wonderful memories!