Back on the Farm… again!

It’s been a little over a month since my last blog post, I know… a blogger should keep readers up-to-date, and this update is overdue!

The last week of April, I departed Prescott, Arizona and headed east!  After 3 long days of 600+ miles driving… I was back in Central Kentucky on the little farm!  I’m lucky to have some really great friends and one of them, Ernie, helped me convoy my 2 trucks and motorcycle back to Kentucky.  I figured the bitter cold Winter that the Mid-West experienced was over by now… and I was right!  I got back in time to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom in Cleveland and then the next weekend I made it to Michigan, just like I did last year, to help my older brother open a family lake house for the Summer.  It was a busy 3 days but we were able to get everything done, raked leaves, washed windows, put boats in the water…. and the like!

I’ve mentioned how much I love the United States Southwest!  It definitely has a pull on me!  The vibrant colors of the desert, the breathtaking unobstructed views, the vastness and of course the beautiful rugged mountains all make it an almost magical place for me!  But there is another place I find as equally magical, the Great Lakes Region!  I grew-up not far from the shores of Lake Erie and would spend every Summer on a lake house in Northern Michigan… so for a few months this Summer…

I plan to explore Pure Michigan!

What the Southwest lacks… the Great Lakes Region has in abundance… Water!

There are so many wonderful ways to explore water….