Hills ‘n Hollars and Waterfall-ers…

After a week of rainy, overcast weather all-over Kentucky, the sun triumphantly reappeared today!  It turned out to be a really beautiful Fall day, sunny and 55 degrees, a perfect day for exploring new places!      I headed south from Lawrenceburg about 100 miles to the southwest corner of the Daniel Boone National Forest.  My destinations… Cumberland Falls and the Yahoo Falls, the highest falls in the State of Kentucky.  Due to the recent heavy rains, both falls were flowing rapidly with high volumes of water.  There were probably only 20 other visitors at the Cumberland Falls, but I was surprised to see no other hikers at Yahoo Falls trail.  As I hiked the 3 mile loop-trail from the parking lot to Yahoo Falls, then the Arch and back, I didn’t see another soul.  Only a few red squirrels darted across the trails, working hard to stockpile food for the Winter!  The advantage to hiking the Yahoo trail-loop this time of year, is that the ‘green veil of leaves’ that normally hides much of the waterfall and surrounding rock formations is gone until the Spring!  You can see much greater distances from the numerous trail-vistas / view points, making the Fall a great time to hike.

It was a truly wonderful Sunday-escape from civilization!  I’m convinced that a day anywhere in the ‘wild’ is better for one’s mental well being, than any drug available!

Yahoo Falls 1

Yahoo Falls, in Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest.

Yahoo Falls 2

Yahoo Falls.


Local Flora at Yahoo Falls.

Cumberline River Bridge

The Bridge over the Cumberland River just up-stream of the falls.


The Cumberland Falls.