Prescott; At the Courthouse Plaza, Nightly Entertainment

Just about every evening during the Summer months Prescott has some type of nightly entertainment at the Courthouse Plaza.  Tonight was Prescott’s version of “Idol.”  16 contestants sang for a crowd of at least 400 people!  Bring your dogs, a chair and enjoy music on Thursday evenings at the Courthouse Plaza.

The Resting Cowboy below;


Equato-Guinean Fishermen, West Coast of Bioko Island

Bioko island has hundreds of small inlets that offer small boats safe access to the sea or protection from it in the event of a storm.  In the video below, 2 fishermen make their way along the South West coast of Bioko Island on their daily fishing trip.  They let me inspect their boats and the “catch” was almost exclusively muscles.  The locals refer to the “dug-out” canoes as “Cayucos.”  The balancing act of standing while paddling must take lots of practice to properly master.  I think I’ll just sit in my kayak while paddling…



I just got my tax refund from the mortgage company from the sale of my home in Aug 2010.
That means the “Down Sizing” is Complete!  Yeahhhhhhh!!

I went from this home;

Summer View,

Winter View,

To this………………………………………………Now my home has wheels…….

I put my things in storage… and maybe when the housing maket interests me, I’ll buy a “small” home somewhere, but for now…. Big Bertha is my home! (Back in the USA).


Perspective and the American Dream.

I awoke early this morning and decided to update the blog before work.  I made a cup of coffee and got back in bed with the laptop…. yes there is internet, so I can update!  As I sipped my coffee I realized how fortunate I am.  I thought about how good I really have it, a great job, no debt (I recently sold a home back in the US… boy was that a relief…) and so many options!  Work for a few more years or travel next Spring?   I will need to decide next Spring!  For now I want to enjoy life on a small tropical African Island called Bioko (Equatorial Guinea).
That brings me to my point about perspective and the American Dream.  I have been happiest when I am on the road and traveling, least happy when I was slave to a huge mortgage.  Most happy with a frying pan over a camp stove cooking some canned stew, least happy when trying to put together a “perfect” meal for the neighbors in a huge modern kitchen.  I guess what I am saying is my American Dream is simple, to experience life to the fullest, travel, meet people, learn about their cultures… to see the world with my own eyes and not from the pages of a book!  The big house, 2 cars and a country club membership might be the perfect American Dream for some but not for me.  When my work here in Africa is complete, I will hit the road and be a full time gypsy, I want to see America via the back roads.  So I guess my “American Dream” is still the ability to satisfy my addiction to Wander-Lust!!


View of the Port of Malabo

This week, while enjoying dinner at “La Luna” restaurant I noticed how beautiful the Port of Malabo looked.  I really enjoy the food at “La Luna” and unfortunately the rumor is that it will close its doors this weekend.  That’s too bad because it has been one of the best restaurants in town!