Meatballs in Paradise!

Since I’m not 25 years old any more, I actually think about the food I’m going to eat.  The days of eating an entire large sausage and pepperoni pizza without feeling the consequences are long gone.  I now realize that what I eat will impact my mid-section.  That’s not to say I eat like a bird, I don’t…. well maybe I do… a turkey vulture perhaps.  But seriously, I do try to eat healthy but I never say NO to my favorite dishes.

Below is a wonderful plate of penne pasta with homemade meatballs, courtesy of my San Diego host, Dave.  Dave is a great cook and a super-great friend!  Thanks Dave!


Taos and Santa Fe Recommendations.

After 4 days in Santa Fe and Taos, I don’t consider myself an expert on either place but I do have a few recommendations for travelers to New Mexico.  In Santa Fe “The Shed” Restaurant in a must visit.  It’s an eclectic blend of New Mexico dishes, topped off with green or red chile sauces.  “The Shed” is located one block from the old Downtown Plaza and I recommend you get reservations as this seems to be a very popular place for locals as well as visitors.  The New Mexico Museum of History and the Palace of Governors are two must see museums.  The History Museum has wonderful displays covering the illustrious 400 + year of New Mexico History.
In Taos,  a must visit restaurant is “Antonio’s” located one block north of the old downtown plaza.  Antonio’s is another gem of New Mexico flavors, and you can get the freshest guacamole on the planet.  It’s prepared at your table, very tasty!  A drive around the mountains in Taos is a great way to spend the afternoon.  When in Angle Fire, visit the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.  One doesn’t have to be a military buff to appreciate the hard work that went into preparing the historical displays in the museum!  


Theobroma … Latin for “Food of the Gods.” COCOA

This weird looking “pod” hanging from the tree is the “Cocoa Pod.”  Inside the pod are hundreds of cocoa beans.  Cocoa is of course the main ingredient in chocolate.  Cocoa Trees can be found all over Bioko Island and on a recent hike I took this picture of a wild cocoa tree.  About 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from Western Africa, and Equatorial Guinea has some of the worlds finest.  All cocoa production takes place in countries within 20 degrees of the Equator… and Equatorial Guinea’s name says it all, it’s a cocoa producer!  Cocoa production is a 5.1 billion dollar industry worldwide, boy that’s a lot of M&Ms.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?  I know I do!


Bantu Chinese Restaurant, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Many visitors to Malabo ask where they can eat outside their hotels.  Probably my favorite restaurant in Malabo is “Bantu”  Chinese Restaurant.  The quality is great and the prices are reasonable.  I always know that when I order my favorite dishes they will always taste the same as the time before.  The girls that wait tables are friendly and work hard to make your meal an enjoyable experience!  So I give the “Bantu” 4 out of 5 stars when looking for good food in Malabo.


Adios “La Luna.”

It looks like “La Luna” Restaurant in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa is closing the doors… too bad, it was a wonderful place to eat great food.  What will replace it…?