Bambi – Summer Sausage

So far this season, 3 deer have been harvested from my 20 acre piece of farmland.  This year in Kentucky, one can harvest as many doe as they want and only one buck.  The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife determines the number of doe or buck that can be taken based on population trends.  As I said, I plan to eat all the meat or share it with family and friends.  Below is a series of pictures of two of the deer shot on my property.  One was taken to a professional processor and made all into summer sausage.  The second deer was processed by a friend of mine and yielded about 55 pounds of venison.  Processing cost for 12 summer sausages, 2 back-straps and the tenderloins was $150.00, not cheap but very tasty.  The cost of self processing was of course free.  I need to get a smoker and make my own summer sausage next year.

Above, a Doe, ready to be processed.
Below, Jake the Cat keeping watch over the processing operation…. keeping all coyotes at bay!

Above, the venison processed at home.
Below, the summer sausage processed professionally.


Kountry Kupboard Bulk Food Store, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The Kountry Kupboard Bulk Food Store in Harrodsburg, Kentucky is perhaps the best lunch deal this side of the Mississippi River!  I live about 12 miles from the Store and go there at least a few times a month for lunch.  As you can see below, the sandwiches are awesome!  They are so huge, I usually can only eat 1/2 the sandwich (and save the other 1/2 for dinner).  The price….? How does $4.00 dollars sound?  If you ever find yourself on HW 127 between Lawrenceburg and Harrodsburg, make sure you stop at the Kountry Kupboard Store, not only do they have awesome sandwiches but lots of other great eats!


Mt Nachismo, Tio’s Mexican Restaurant, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Above, the before view of Mt Nachismo.
Below, the after view of the remains of Mt Nachismo.

This week I am playing “Uncle Buck.”  My older brother asked me to stay with his high school aged kids while he is on a vacation.  I was more than happy to spend some time with my niece and nephew.  My nephew Jack wanted to go to an Ann Arbor to eat at a mexican restaurant that was on the “Food Networks” program, “Man vs Food.”  So we decided to take on the 5 pound nacho plate called Mt. Nachismo, we did pretty well but it took 3 of us almost 45 mins to eat the plate.  In order to get the plate free, one person needs to eat it in 45 mins…


Spam-bled Eggs…. It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Even though my camper and off grid set-up don’t have elaborate kitchens, doesn’t mean I can’t eat well.  Today I decided to make some “Spam-bled Eggs,” ummm ummm they were good!  Easy to make and took about 5 mins.

Above, all the stuff needed to make Spam-bled Eggs!

Below, the finished product!


Sun Oven, Wilderness Stew.

Yesterday I continued to play lumberjack and cut down some dead trees and a few limbs that always seem to hit me in the head when I’m cutting grass.  Before firing-up the chainsaw, I prepared dinner and placed it in the “Sun Oven.”  The sun cooperated better and allowed me to cook much better with the “Sun Oven.”  There were clouds in the sky but for the most part, the day was warm and sunny!  At 9:00 am I combined about a pound and a half of ground beef, 2 cans of mixed vegetables  2 cups of water, black pepper, salt and garlic powder into a pot.  I positioned the oven to the East and within 20 mins it was at 250 degrees.  I adjusted the oven about 3 times during the day to maximize the suns rays and at 5:00 PM the “Wilderness Stew” (as my friend, nicknamed “Ice Water” calls it) was ready to eat.  My friend, my Brother and I ate the entire pot.  Total cost of the “Wilderness Stew” about $6.50.  The temperature in the oven stayed at about 250 the entire day, so it was kind of like using a crock-pot all day!  It turned out better than I thought it would.  Anyone have some good Dutch Oven meal suggestions?

Above, the contents of the “Wilderness Stew.”
Below, the finished product just before consumption.


Another Great Coffee Shop, Prescott, Arizona

I like coffee shops.  Mostly because I love Coffee, but also because I like people and free internet.  Coffee shops attract an eclectic mix of people.  Let’s face it, humans like being around other humans, (most of us), and people watching is always good at coffee shops.  There are more than a few coffee shops in Prescott that have earned my business.

“Cuppers” at 226 Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona (one block from the Plaza),

is a turn of the century home turned into a coffee shop.  Not only do they make a GREAT cup of coffee but they make a great salad too.

Below, my lunch today, a Spinach and Apple Salad (1/2 Order for $4.95), very tasty!

I have decided to start giving the restaurants and cafes / coffee shops I visit, a rating system.  
Since Bertha is of the Bigfoot Family, my rating system with be….
The scale will be from 1 to 5 feet, with 1 foot being not so good and 5 feet being over the top GREAT.  
Today’s lunch gets 4 Feet.
Cuppers Coffee Shop gets 4 Bigfeet out of a possible 5.


Hasta Luego San Diego

Today at zero dark thirty in the AM,  I departed one of the most wonderful cities on the planet (at least I think so)  San Diego, California!  I spent about 5 weeks and had a great time!  Bertha and I departed at 02:30 in the AM, that’s early even for military standards!  I wanted to avoid the mid-day heat of Yuma, Az and avoid traffic on HW 8.  I am happy to report that I avoided both traffic and the heat, and never had to use the air-conditioning during the entire 7 hour trip.  Along the way I stopped in Quartzite, Az to fill up with gas (diesel) and to my surprise the entire town was without power!  No power….no fuel!  Yep that’s right, a bad storm hit hours before I arrived and took out the power.  As I continued my journey to Prescott, Az along HW 60,  I thought, how can an entire town be without power?  It’s not possible,  oh yes it is…. I soon noticed how and why.  About 20 miles north east of Quartzite along HW 60,  I passed 15 or more telephone poles split in half and the power lines on the ground?  about a dozen large power company trucks were working to restore power.  So that brings me to a short rant of sorts… If you are not prepared for a natural disaster (not to mention manmade disasters) then you should probably think about preparing!  How about getting a small generator, stocking some H2O,  food etc…. I mean it might just happen to you like it did to the people of Quartzite, Az early this morning.
I am now sitting at the “Raven Cafe” in Prescott drinking a coffee and getting ready to explore Prescott (or Press-Kit) as it’s properly pronounced.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what to see and do in Prescott?  I promise lots of pictures in the next few days.


Fried Kool-Aid

I attended the “Del Mar Fair” today, in Del Mar, California, just 20 mins north of San Diego.  This year the fair goes until July 4th so there is still plenty of time to go if you feel the urge.
I am always surprised by the latest “food craze.”  This year it seems to be “Fried Kool-Aid.”  It was deep fried dough balls with “Kool-Aid.”  They tasted pretty good!

Above, one of the food stalls serving, among other fried delicacies, fried Kool-Aid.  Notice how you can still get fried Twinkies if you don’t want those Frog Legs!
Below, fried Kool-Aid at the Del Mar Fair.


A Great Cup of Coffee While in San Diego…..

I love great coffee and found a place in San Diego to enjoy a cup.  “Cafe Vergnano 1882” is located at 3850 5th Ave, San Diego, Ca, 93102 in the Uptown District.   Below is a link to their website.  Give their coffee a try, I’m sure you will enjoy it!