Wanderlust? Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. This Blog is about the “Travel Adventures” and “Topics of Interest” from a guy choosing to live a life that is “Less-than-Conventional” and in the process, experience as much of this wonderful world as humanly possible!

I’ve suffered from “WanderLust” and the “Love of Adventure” from a young age!  In 1976, when I was 12, my family bought a new Volkswagen Camper Van with a pop-top.  That Summer, my mother, father, 2 brothers and I went on a road-trip from NE Ohio to Los Angles and back.  That trip would be my first adventure on the open-road, but certainly would not be my last.  Since then I have lived overseas for more than 14 years and traveled to over 50 countries.  Along the way, I have come to realize there is a mountain of truth in the saying,

“The World is a book, those who don’t travel only read a page.”  – Saint Augustine.

I want to read as many pages as this wonderful world has to offer and hope to share my adventures along the way!

WAND3R3R, 2014.



I am an adventure-loving American man, with a severe case of wander-lust and a desire to experience as much of this wonderful world as humanly possible. Every place I have visited or lived has taught me something about life and helped me grow. For me, traveling opens my eyes to how similar the human race is, yet at the same time, how unique we all are. I hope this blog will motivate you to put down the TV remote, dust off your backpack and decide to take a chance on an adventure. It can be a walk in a new neighborhood 2 miles from home or a trip to a far off distant land. I have lived in or visited over 50 countries during my life and hope to see many more. I want to share my experiences. I hope you enjoy the blog. -WAND3R3R, Somewhere on the Globe, 2014.

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