On a Slow Horse to Bagdad.

One of the best things about Prescott, Arizona and the surrounding area is that there are literally thousands of miles of trails for ATV and adventure-motorcycle enthusiast!  Anyone who has a dual-sport motorcycle will probably agree, the real fun begins beyond the pavement!  Just a few miles from downtown Prescott, the ponderosa pine-lined trails cut through the mountains in all directions, leading to places like Skull Valley and Bagdad!  Who can possibly pass-up a dusty trail ride to places with names like Skull Valley or Bagdad on a motorcycle?  A few days ago, my buddy Emilio and I hit the trails.  We were anxious to take advantage of the unseasonably awesome weather we have been having in central Arizona.  While much of the USA (hello Boston) is in the deep freeze… fortunately for me, Prescott has been beautiful the last few weeks!  It’s been sunny and in the high 60s during the day and at night the temps drop only into the mid-30s.  Pretty nice weather for this time of year!  Our ride destination was the mining town of Bagdad, Arizona.  Not because there is anything particularly noteworthy to do in Baghdad, but the route there goes through some really nice terrain!


On the trail to Camp Wood.


The horses of Camp Wood.


My horse meets the horses of Camp Wood!


The mountains surrounding the town of Bagdad, Arizona.

Our trip was a big-loop from Prescott, to Williamson Valley, through Camp Wood and on to Bagdad.  On the way back from Bagdad we passed through Kirkland and then briefly stopped in Skull Valley and over the mountains back to Prescott.  Our total milage was about 140 miles of which about 100 miles were on trails!  Just past the hunting lodge at Camp Wood, we encountered half a dozen, 100 yard stretches of trail with deep tire-ruts and thick muddy patches!  No problem, that’s what dual sport motorcycles were made for!  We only passed 2 trucks and one ATV during the entire 100 miles on trail and after about 4 hours in the saddle we returned safely to Prescott!

It was a great day of exploration indeed!


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