Go West “Young-ish” Man

The title says it all, well maybe not all, but it certainly says a lot!  If you are reading my blog, you are probably familiar with the expression, “go West young man…”  It encouraged young men to head West in the 19th century, to seek the many opportunities offered to adventure-lovers and fortune-seekers.  The numerous “gold rushes” and of course “free land” in some states lured many young men West of the Mississippi River to what was referred to as the Wild, Wild West, to seek their fortune.  I changed the word “young” in that iconic-expression to “young-ish,” because at 50 years old, I cannot honestly call myself “young” no matter how young I may feel!  So, in order to follow the expression above… last month this “young-ish” man packed up Bertha, Bessie and of course the B.O.M, (a Ford, Toyota and Honda respectively), and with the help of my great friend Ernest Earl, we convoyed West!  Destination Southern California, for Christmas 2014, via Prescott, Arizona.  During this trip I’m not looking for a “fortune,” but I believe no matter how old I am, I can still seek some adventure out West!  And that’s just what I plan to do, seek new adventures!


Bertha, Bessie and the B.O.M. ready to convoy west!

The trip from Kentucky to Arizona took 3 full days of driving and was pretty unremarkable.  This is my 5th trip from Kentucky to California since 2008, so I have already explored many of the numerous routes West.  The best part of the trip, other than the incredibly low gas prices, was a visit to the Big Texan Steak House in Amarillo for lunch!


Just west of Amarillo, Texas south of Hwy 40 is the Cadillac Ranch.

We were anxious to drop-off Bertha and the B.O.M. in Prescott and continue the last 6 hours to SoCal in Bessie, were we would spend Christmas 2014 in beautiful San Diego.


Santa obviously needs no snow to deliver gifts to sunny San Diego.


The sun was shining brightly and the surf was up, SoCal Christmas 2014.

The weather in San Diego did not disappoint and was beautiful for the entire visit!  After 2 weeks of visiting friends and eating too much food… my friend Ernest returned to Kentucky on a flight and Bessie and I returned to the mile-high city Prescott, Arizona.  Prescott will serve as my home-base for the next few months while I explore the four-corners region on motorcycle and 4×4… stay tuned… more adventures to follow!


A 5 mile hike around Lake Watson in Prescott helped shed a few of the pounds acquired over the Christmas Holiday!


The Granite Dells near Lake Watson.




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