Westward Toward Oklahoma.

As I mentioned in the last post, I don’t really have a set agenda for “Road Trip 2014,” and it’s true, I really don’t!  But I still have a few people and places I want to see!  My first want to see person is my Aunt in Oklahoma.  The last time I visited her at her home was over 10 years ago when she and her family were living in the Oklahoma panhandle.  We see each other just about every Summer, usually in Michigan for a few days.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her again, but this time in cowboy country, Stillwater, Oklahoma later today!In order to get to Stillwater, I departed Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and headed south-west on the Bluegrass and Western Kentucky Parkways.  Along the way I made 3 stops in Kentucky, which made the usual 4 hour trip to Paducah take all day!

First stop, the small town of Central Kentucky, hometown of the famous singing duo, the Everly Brothers.  The town has a small monument in their honor and a one room museum filled with all sorts of Everly Brothers’ memorabilia.  I bought a 4 CD box set (the young lady at the museum was a great salesperson) and have been listening to the 100 tunes nonstop for the last 2 days… The lyrics from songs like, I Kissed You, Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have To Do Is Dream and Bye Bye Love are now permanently burned in my memory!
Note to self… bring more music CDs next trip!

The Everly Brothers Museum and Monument in Central Kentucky.
The Everly Brother  Monument in Central Kentucky.

The next stop was the Land Between the Lakes for just a few hours, a great place to visit for anyone in-to all sports water related!  I was really surprised to see a marina with large sailboats!  The area is way too big to do it justice in just a few hours, so I will definitely visit again in the Fall.

The Lighthouse Marina in Grand Rivers on Land Between the Lakes.

The third and final stop in Kentucky was in the river town of Paducah.  The city is truly a must see location for visitors to western Kentucky.  It’s picturesque, artsy downtown is located on the Tennessee River and only a few miles from the Ohio, Cumberland and Mississippi Rivers.  Needless to say, the town’s location, so close to 4 major rivers has played a key role in its history.  The town has been a major stopping point for river-borne commerce for over 3 centuries!
Second note to self… when packing a bottle of curry spice before a long road trip, try not to spill any on your car seats, otherwise you will smell like an Indian Food Truck rolling down the highway.  I do love curry but I’m not fond of smelling like I’m wearing curry-cologne for the last 2 days!  Speaking of curry…. it’s time for dinner!

One of the many beautiful tree-lined streets in Paducah.
The Flood Wall and the Tennessee River beyond, in Downtown Paducah.


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