Ova Easy Eggs, Wonderful Food for the Wanderer.

I like to find great food for the Wanderer (Traveler).  I know that with refrigeration, one can “wander” with almost anything you have in your kitchen at home.  Many vehicle travelers have 12 volt refrigerators and coolers making food choices on the road almost endless.  Even though I too have a cooler and a 12 volt refrigerator, I think the best “Wanderer-Food” is food that does not require refrigeration and has a descent shelf-life!  I recently found something that I think most travelers will enjoy, Ova Easy Egg Crystals!  They are real eggs in powder form and when you add a little water, they do everything regular eggs in the shell do.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!  Place a few tablespoons of Ova Easy Egg powder in a bowl, add water as per the instructions on the package, whip them and cook as you would regular eggs.  At first, I was reluctant to try them, as a kid I remember drinking powered milk once in a while, when mom ran out of regular milk.  My brothers and I were not big fans of powered milk so when I saw powered eggs, I didn’t have high expectations!  
I must admit, Ova Easy Eggs are very tasty!  I really can’t tell the difference between Ova Easy Eggs and real eggs when I scramble them and add a little hot sauce!  They taste great, are lightweight and easy to pack, have a descent shelf-life, are very easy to prepare and best of all…. you will never worry again about cracked eggs after a 50 mile drive over washboard trails in your 4×4! 

Ova Easy Egg Crystals in the package
Ova Easy Egg Crystals dry
Ova Easy Egg Crystals with water added
Ova Easy Egg Crystals cooked in the microwave!  A simple, tasty meal for the Wanderer.


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