A “Titan” of a Storm….. 2014.

As I’ve said before, perspective is everything.  For someone living in the northern United States, a Winter-storm that drops 6 inches of snow overnight is nothing special…. but for residents of central Kentucky, 6 inches of snow anytime is a big deal!  When someone or something is referred to as a “titan,”  it means they are gigantic in size or power… so I think the name “Titan,” given to the most recent storm to hit Kentucky, is quite appropriate!  Wow, and to think that just a week ago I was in 80 degree weather of Florida…. Did I return too soon to the Bluegrass State?  While in Florida, I missed two months of snow and cold weather, so none of my family and friends have offered any sympathy!  I guess I just need to “cowboy-up” and enjoy a few days of snow, this may just be the last storm of the Winter….       


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