A Wander-er’s Kitchen.

Great place for a lunch-break while wandering, sure beats a fast-food parking-lot or truck-stop.

A blog reader recently asked me what sort of “kitchen set-up” I use while traveling in my Tacoma.  Since it’s often difficult to explain something with only words, (anyone who has bought furniture from “Ikea” knows that the assembly diagrams with the text are greatly appreciated by us non-engineer types), I decided to explain what I call the “Wander-er’s Kitchen” with a series of photographs and text!

I wanted my “Wander-er’s Kitchen” to be compact and highly mobile, so I can easily move it between vehicles when necessary.  I appreciate the fancy “chuck wagon style kitchen boxes” many travelers use, but I didn’t want something quite that large, since my space in the truck bed is limited and also serves as my bedroom from time to time!

My kitchen set-up consists of a small aluminum folding table by the “Travel-Chair Company” and a water-resistant “Gander Mountain” Sportsman’s Bag, as you can see in the pictures below.

All my pots, pans, camping stove, fuel canisters, cups, plates, utensils, thermos and coffee-press fit nicely in one bag.    

The Gander Mountain “Sportsman’s Bag” with all kitchen items.

Above, the Gander Mountain Sportsman’s Bag with all necessary kitchen items.

Below, the folding kitchen table in the carrying bag.  The table is the aluminum “Grand Canyon Table” made by the “Travel-Chair Company.”  It’s strong, compact, and the legs are adjustable, making it great for use on uneven ground.

The Grand Canyon Table from the “Travel Chair” Company.

As you can see in the 3 pictures below, the “Grand Canyon Table” comes in two pieces, the folding base and the folding top.  When I cook on my truck’s tailgate, I use the “Grand Canyon Table” top without the base.  This makes a great, flat, heat resistant cooking surface on the tailgate.

The 2 pieces of the Grand Canyon Table, base and top.
The top of the Grand Canyon Table fits nicely on the tailgate making a great cooking surface!
The base of the Grand Canyon Table.
Some of the kitchen items on the tailgate, a great surface for cooking.
The kitchen items on the table with legs in the shortest position.
The kitchen items, close-up.
The table with legs fully extended.

All the kitchen items are pretty much self-explanatory.  Depending on how many friends travel with me, I may take an extra small butane one burner stove in addition to the Optimus stove so I have 2 burners.  I also take a collapsable “kitchen sink” made of PVC type cloth material for washing dishes.  It folds flat and weighs next to nothing.  For drinking water, I like the 3 gallon size water containers, as they are easier to pour than the larger NATO style containers.  The 3 gallon size has a wider base and does not tip-over as easily as the NATO cans.  For washing fruits and veggies, I have 2 small plastic water bottles with small spray tips.  They provide more than enough water pressure for washing away dirt.  I also like stainless steel cups, plates and bowls.  I know they are heaver than plastic but they also last longer and are much more heat resistant than plastic!  Add a small collapsable solar oven to the set-up and you have a kitchen that will do just about everything a designer-home kitchen can do!

Below are a few links for some of the items found in the “Wanderer’s Kitchen.”

Kitchen Table:

Gander Mountain Sportsman’s Bag:

Primus Thermos

MSR Quick 2 System Cookware Set

MSR Alpine Kitchen Set

Optimus Crux Lite Camp Stove

Hydro-Flask Insulated Bottle


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