Solar Options… The “SunRocket.”

The “Sunrocket” solar kettle.

My first experience with solar cooking was about 5 years ago when I purchased a “Sun-Oven,”  solar oven.  I’ve blogged about the “Sun-Oven” a few times over the last three years.  I think solar is a really cool way to cook or pasteurize water, mainly because solar is a clean, renewable energy source.  The “Sun-Oven” is great to use when I’m camping in Bertha the Truck Camper but it’s a bit too big to take in my smaller Tacoma truck-camping set-up and definitely way too big to carry while backpacking.  I did some research, looking for other solar cooking and water purifying options that are more compact and found the “Sunrocket.”  The “Sunrocket” is a small, light-weight, portable solar kettle, capable of heating or boiling water.  The kettle holds 17 oz of water and depending on weather conditions can boil water in about 45 mins.  I put the “Sunrocket” to the test this week and it performed as advertised, I brought 3 cups of tap water to a boil in 50 mins.  The “Sunrocket” makes a great addition to anyone’s emergency preparedness kit or camping kit!  For me the best thing about the “Sunrocket” is that I can use it to pasteurize water, making safe drinking water with nothing more than the power of the sun…. no fire needed!

Below are a few more pictures of the “Sunrocket” in action!    

The “SunRocket” solar kettle in the upright, closed position.
The “SunRocket” solar kettle in the upright, open position.
The “SunRocket” solar kettle in the horizontal, open position.


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