Solar Options, The “SunFlair” Portable Solar Oven.

Being in Florida this time of year has given me the opportunity to test a few solar cooking options.  Cooking with solar today in Kentucky would be next to impossible, seeing that it’s 9 degrees fahrenheit and partly cloudy.  Here in the “Sunshine State” of Florida, it’s not a perfect day for solar cooking, but good enough.  It’s 54 degrees, breezy with full sun, warm enough for me to test my new “SunFlair.”  The “SunFlair” is a lightweight, portable, folding solar oven.  It weighs in at about 3 pounds and folds up small enough to fit into a bag the size of a reusable shopping bag.  The “SunFlair” seems to be well made and comes out of the box with everything you need to prepare a meal, minus the food.  Included are a thermometer, a small metal cooking rack, a baking tray and 2 collapsible silicon pots and a carrying-bag.  The silicone pots are rated up to 485 degrees.  I paid $99.00 for my “SunFlair” on Amazon.  The “SunFlair” website advertises a price of $119.00 as I type this post.

For more details about the “SunFlair,” checkout their website,

The website has great cooking tips for anyone new to solar cooking!

Setting up the “SunFlair” solar oven takes less than 5 mins.  Simply remove the oven from the carrying-bag and unfold.  Then place the cooking rack in the oven, add the pot with food and thermometer, then zip-up the plastic lid.  It really is that simple!  Of course, food preparation time will depend on what you are making.  Today I made a chorizo and sweet pepper quiche, prep time about 10 mins!

After about 90 mins of “noon-time” slow cooking (160 degrees), the quiche was fully cooked!

Below are a few pictures of the “SunFlair” in action….

The “SunFlair” Solar Oven in the carrying bag.
The cooking rack, thermometer, and 2 silicone cooking pots.  One pot is expanded.
The “SunFlair” solar oven unfolded.
The “SunFlair” solar oven unfolded with cooking rack and pot.
Today’s lunch, chorizo and sweet pepper quiche.
The Quiche ready to go in the solar oven.
The Quiche after 90 mins of cook time.
The Quiche ready to eat!  It was delicious!


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