The Ancient City of Ephesus.

Historically, Ephesus is probably most famous for being home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, all that remains of the temple today is one column. Numerous earthquakes over the centuries and finally a raid in 268 AD by Goths finally destroyed the temple for good. Today, Ephesus is famous for the well preserved roman-ruins, most notably the facade of the ancient library. It is also believed that the Gospel of John may have been written in Ephesus, as he spent a good portion of his life there. An earthquake destroyed most of the city in 614 AD, and it continued to lose economic importance as the harbor began to silt-up, making it too shallow for commercial ships. The well preserved ruins are a result of the city being buried for centuries by tons of earth, until re-discovered in the mid-1800s by German Archeologists.

A trip to the Turkish-Aegean Coast would be incomplete without a visit to Ephesus!

A few pictures from my recent visit to Ephesus,

-The famous facade of the Library.

-The ever-so popular ancient Latrines!


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