The Old City Istanbul, 2013

As I have mentioned before, I am kind of a "spur-of-the-moment" guy. I like spontaneity, it makes life more exciting. So today I find myself in Istanbul, Turkey for a few weeks!

About a week ago I was checking the price of flights to Istanbul and found a round trip ticket from Lexington, Kentucky to Istanbul on Air France for less than $900.00. I though the price was great so I jumped on it. I winterized "Bertha the Truck Camper" a few weeks ago and put her in storage for the Winter, anticipating going to a warmer place like Brazil for a few months. I though a short detour to Turkey for a few weeks sounded like a good idea. The weather here is still pretty nice during the month of October, today it was cloudy and in the mid-60s, perfect weather for lots of walking.

I started my "urban exploration" of Istanbul this morning in the old city, adjacent to the Hagia Sofia Museum, once a Greek Orthodox Basilica (537 AD to 1453 AD) then a mosque (1453 to 1931) and since 1931 a museum. I am sure a few week visit will barely scratch the surface of a city where The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, The Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire all made their capitals! But here I am, planning to do my best to experience as much of Istanbul and Turkey as humanly possible.