Cappadocia, Turkey, 2013.

I escaped the hustle and bustle of Istanbul with a short visit to the Cappadocia region of Turkey. Cappadocia is located in Central Anatolia, just look south of Ankara on a map to find it. It's where incredible natural beauty meets world changing historical events. Probably the most well know historical fact about the region is that it was home to many underground cities. These underground cities were used by early Christians as hiding places before their religion was widely accepted. The area was also on an important trade-route between East and West and often occupied by invading armies as they moved through the region to more lucrative cities. The underground cities offered a degree of safety for the villagers, their livestock and food / water supplies until the invading armies moved on. The cities were not occupied full-time but were connected by tunnels to the homes above, dug into the limestone rock faces. After centuries of erosion, most of the above-ground structures now have a conical-shaped gnome-home-like appearance with the iconic "fairy chimneys." The terrain is dry and void of much vegetation in Cappadocia, so looking down on the towns from the surrounding hills make the structures look like a 'Star Wars' movie set. The physical beauty and historical importance to early Christianity make Cappadocia a must see region for all visitors to Turkey!

Technical note….

I am posting during this trip with my iPad, and it is proving to be once again a challenge!

Since the iPad does not have all the features needed to post with blogger, I am going through gmail with email posts. The format does not always work. I posted the 'Amazing Istanbul" post 4 times and it appeared 4 different ways in blogger. I will try to clean-up the posts and add more pictures when I get back to the USA and have a laptop to work with. Until then, please enjoy the posts as I am doing the best I can for now!


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