Portland, The City of Roses, 2013

Above, the “Portland” sign in Old Town welcomes you to the City!

The two day Amtrak Train trip across the U.S. Northwest was not without purpose.  Our goal was to visit Portland for a few days.  A train just seemed like a great way to get there…  I had never been to Portland before last week and after years of hearing what a great city it was, I decided to see for myself.  I must say, all in all, I was very impressed with the City. It was remarkably clean for a big city and the public transportation system is among the best I have seen anywhere in the world, to include Western Europe!  The food options in Portland are endless, from nice sit-down restaurants and the many brewpubs to literally hundreds of food carts.  I was never disappointed with my meals during our 4 day visit to Portland!  People were quite friendly and helpful on the streets.  I was particularly surprised at how courteous drivers were to pedestrians, always stopping to allow you to cross the street and rarely did I hear a vehicle horn!  Not to mention, there really is lots to do and see in the “City of Roses,”  so many museums, live entertainment venues and city parks that offer a wide range of options for visitors.  I know I am sounding like a travel-writer but I really was very impressed with the wonderful quality of life in Portland!  I now know why so many people really like the city.  My only concern during my visit was the high number of homeless people in downtown Portland, of all ages, panhandling all over town!  I am not judging them, and I am sure many of them have fallen on hard times…. but…. from a visitors point of view, it is a real distraction when you are constantly being asked for money while walking around the city!  One day a young man, perhaps in his late 20s, asked me for money 3 different times at 3 different locations!  As I mentioned before, my overall experience in Portland was very positive, it’s refreshing to see a large U.S. City so well managed!  I think Portland is a case of U.S. tax-payers getting what they pay for!  Well done Portland!

Below are a few images of my recent visit to Portland,

Above, one of the many steel bridges at dawn, spanning the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Below, two friends battle one-another in a highly competitive chess match at Director’s Park.

Above, one of the many antique drinking fountains found throughout Portland!  Free water is great!

Below, the World Forestry Center, a non-profit center where visitors can learn everything they have ever wanted to know about forests and the forestry industry worldwide.

Above, Powell’s Book Store, a must see in Portland.  Three stories of floor to ceiling books… if a book is in print, it can probably be found in Powell’s!

Below, the Oregon Maritime Museum on the Willamette River in Downtown Portland!

Above, a young-teenage-hippster texts on his smart phone as a young girl contemplates running through the fountain on a beautiful sunny afternoon at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland.

Above and Below, a few pictures of the local icon, Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.  The shop host some very bizarre but also very tasty doughnuts at their brick and mortar location and also from their mobile doughnut shop on wheels!  Definitely worth a visit…. the maple-bars are great!



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