NuLu… East Market District 2013.

NuLu, short for New Louisville is also known as the East Market District in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  The neighborhood features numerous cool restaurants, galleries, breweries and antique shops.  One website promoting the area called it an “offbeat cultural mecca on the Ohio River.”  Whatever you call the area, it’s certainly worthy on an afternoon visit, and that’s just what I did this past weekend.  While exploring Louisville on my motorcycle a few weeks ago, I stopped briefly in the NuLu District and decided I needed to go back for a longer visit.  The nice thing about visiting the NuLu on a Saturday or Sunday is that the local “Flea Market” (called the “Flea Off Market”), takes place on the east end of Market Street so you can see the NuLu and also visit the Flea Market at the same time.  The Flea Market had various artists selling their crafts and half a dozen Phood-Trucks selling Tacos, Burgers and the like!   There was even one enterprising businessman selling cocktails in a makeshift “patio-area.”  The locals were very friendly, I stopped one young lady to ask what streets were considered part of the “Official NuLu District” and she talked to me for about 15 mins!  I always say the best way to get great information on a particular area is to ask a local.  They are usually very friendly and love to share good tips with others!  Tour books and web-pages are great places to start your research about an area but the information can often be dated.  The locals have the latest scoop and know the great places to eat that are not necessarily the best known or most popular with tourists!  Never be afraid to ask a local for information!  While in the NuLu I visited the art gallery, “Local Speed.”  It’s a branch of the “Speed Museum” while the main Speed Museum is closed for 60 million dollars worth of renovations, set for completion in 2016.  In front for the “Local Speed” was a huge blackboard with the words… “Before I Die” painted on it, and then a series of lines and blank spaces, allowing visitors to fill in what they wanted to do “before they die.”  Many of the write-ins were pretty normal, stuff like… “Visit Tibet” or “Take a Mediterranean Cruise…” etc… but some of the write-ins were pretty insightful!  It’s nice to see that many of the entries were simple statements about “helping others”……. Hmmmmm, maybe there is hope for mankind yet!   I had lunch at a funky taco shop called “Taco Punk.”  The tacos were tasty and as colorful as the employees’ tattoos!  I walked the streets and back alleys of the NuLu for a few hours and took some photographs.  I found some urban vegetable gardens, pretty cool, and even a street named “Nanny Goat Strut Alley”…. Hmmmm…. what took place there 100 years ago?
If you are ever in Louisville, take a few hours and visit the NuLu…. you will soon learn that Kentucky is not as behind the times as some people like to think!

Above and Below, some of the architecture of buildings found in the NuLu.

 Below, the “Before I Die…” blackboard in front for the “Local Speed” Gallery.