Elephant Ears and Ice Cold Beer, Kentucky State Fair 2013.

Last weekend I attended the 2013 Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.  As usually, everything from “elephant ears” to “ice cold beer” was for sale!  People lined up in front of the latest rides on the Midway, while wanna-be Major League Baseball pitchers tried to knock over the heavy milk bottles with the really soft-softballs,  in order to win the 3 dollar stuffed animal for their “baby-girl” and  teenage farm girls brushed their blue-ribbon cows, in preparation for the 4-H livestock judging contests, all integral parts of a State Fair.  For me, the best part of any State Fair is not all the delicious fried foods (like fried-twinkies, fried donut-burgers, fried-pickles, fried-snickers bars…etc…), although they are oh so tasty.  But rather, the best part of a “State Fair” is the incredible diversity of people in attendance.  It really is a micro-cosmos of our country on display.  When I attend a State Fair, I feel like a little kid who shakes a snow-globe and then watches all the snowflakes fall onto the miniature buildings.  I feel almost mesmerized by the thousands and thousands of people, of all shapes and sizes, ages and colors… following no particular route, darting in front of me on their way to the various food vendors and displays.  If people watching is a “spectator-sport” then a “State-Fair” is like the Super-Bowl of people watching!  I am convinced I saw the reality TV star “Honey Boo-Boo.”  I’m sure she was eating a roasted ear of sweet corn and practicing a dance move while singing a Justin Bieber song!  The cast of Swamp-People was there (no not really), but their body-doubles were there, drinking cold-ones!  I ate all of the foods that one is not supposed to eat, but for just one day, who cares!  That funnel cake tasted so delicious!   I covered every corner of the State Fair, it took me and my friends about 6 hours, we wanted to experience it all!  After a great day, we and our sore feet made our way to the Highlands neighborhood for a good cup of coffee!  If you have never attended a County or State Fair, I highly recommend it!  It will be a typical americana-experience to long remember!

Below, an assortment of photographs from the 2013 Kentucky State Fair.


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