Victory Garden, First Harvest 2013.

I wanted to post a short update on my “Victory Garden.”  It’s been less than 2 months since everything was planted and I already had a small-harvest today.  I wanted to get some of the vegetables out of the ground before the bugs, namely cabbage worms, and the deer got them.  I now know why the hunter shot “Bambi” at the end of the Disney Classic… It was probably because Bambi was eating all the vegetables from his garden!  I haven’t shot any deer this year but unfortunately they have discovered the garden.  The joke that a deer can smell a “Tic-Tac” in your pocket from a mile away is evidently true!  They didn’t bother the garden until about 2 weeks ago, when the plants were finally worthy of a meal.  I guess they were just window shopping during the early weeks of growth.  I have seen the band of misfits and they consist of 2 small bucks, a few does and a fawn.  Lucky for me I put some fencing around a few of the tomato plants before I went away for the week over the 4th of July.  While I was gone, a good neighbor was looking after the farm and he and his wife noticed the deer were enjoying the unprotected tomatoes and green beans.  They added more fencing and a noise maker.  That seems to have slowed the deer down a bit!  Today I was able to harvest some yellow squash, cabbage, radishes, Jalapeño and Serrano peppers, kale and red chicory.  The deer are not interested in the hot peppers at all.  Probably because they don’t have chips and salsa to go along with them!?  If I see the 2 bucks show up at the garden with a bag of “Dortitos,” I’ll know my hot-peppers are in trouble!

Victory Garden, Lessons Learned so far:

– Deer will eventually find your garden.  Where I live in Kentucky, the only real protection against deer are fencing, a dog or a shot gun.

– The soil around the plants needs to be tilled / raked regularly, if not the sun will bake the exposed soil in between plants and when it does rain the majority of water will not be absorbed into the ground and just wash away.  Additionally the exposed ground in between plans grows grass and weeds quickly.
The exception to this is the “square foot method” of gardening that I have been experimenting with.  I have found that if I plant a lot of one type of plant together in a tight spot, the soil stays softer under the shade of the leaves and requires less tilling / raking.  Also the weeds are chocked-out because of lack of sunlight.

– Growing “Organic Cabbage” requires regular hand-picking of cabbage-worms.  Those little green monsters are a pain in the buttocks!  I love Kimchee and decided it would be worth it to hand pick the worms off the plants to keep some of the cabbage worm and pesticide free!

Below are a few pictures from the Victory Garden, my recent “Harvest,”  and some Mexican-Kimchee!

Above and Below, the Victory Garden has enjoyed all the rain we have had this year in Central Kentucky.

Below, small cabbage, perfect for making Kimchee!

Below, the Carrots in my Square-Foot Gardening method.

Below, a few radishes.

Below, the deer-proof Roma bean planter.

Below, some yellow squash and hot-peppers.
Below, the veggies washed and ready to become Mexican-Kimchee and a garden-salad!
Below, my Mexican-Kimchee.  What is Mexican-Kimchee you ask…?  I don’t know but I think I made some today by adding jalapeño peppers to a traditional receipt of Kimchee!
Below, lunch for today!  A garden salad, veggies picked at 11:00 AM and eaten an hour later!  
Doesn’t get much fresher than that!


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