Victory Garden… 2013

Popular during WWI and WWII, “Victory Gardens” were a common sight on the private property of many Americans’ homes.  The “Gardens” were a way for the average citizen to contribute to the war effort by lessening the pressure on the public food supply by producing vegetables, fruit and herbs for personal consumption.  This year I have decided to raise my own version of a “Victory Garden.” Not because we are, unfortunately, still at war in Afghanistan, but because I want to learn how to produce a portion of my own food!  My own food that I can control how it’s produced!  Over the decades since WWII, the private family farms that were once so common, have dwindled, now replaced by large-scale commercial mega-food-producing farms.  A few articles I have recently read say that the trend seems to be reversing itself… as more and more Americans are once again growing a portion their own fruits and vegetables.  They are interested in learning the art of vegetable gardening and at the same time becoming more self-sufficient!  
What are some of the advantages of growing your own food…?  
-You know where your food comes from.
-You can raise the food in a healthful manner, free of pesticides.
-You can save money….
The list goes on and on…….  Not to mention that it’s enjoyable watching the seeds you sow, produce something you can pick fresh and eat a few mins later.  
 My “Victory Garden” for 2013 has everything from artichokes to watermelon and 15 vegetables in-between.  I hope to be able to eat some of the “vegetables of my labor” in about 3 weeks.  
My kale should be ready by then!    

 Above, my “deer-proof” planter, with radish, broccoli, kale and cabbage.

Below, some of my square-foot gardening technique planters.  Not “deer-proof” but hopefully big producers nonetheless!

Below, some of the other vegetables on the farm!


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