Meanwhile Back on the Kentucky Farm… Part 3

I am currently in Kentucky, having visited family in Ohio and Michigan during the last month since I returned from a 6 month work deployment to Africa.  I am now preparing “Bertha” the Bigfoot Camper for Summer-Residency.  As you know, the best thing about a house on wheels is that those wheels turn and I will definitely be hitting the road for some adventures.  I’d hoped by-now that it would have been warmer in the Mid-West.  I mean come-on, we are almost into May?  But unfortunately at night the mercury still dips down into the 30s and April-Showers have been in full swing too!  It’s not that the cold is all that awful (I did grow up in Cleveland), but I could do without the muddy-mushy earth that comes with all the rain and the cooler temps!

The off-grid base camp / farm has many little projects that will keep me busy for the next few weeks …. trimming trees, burning brush, planting a large garden, working on the gravel-road, painting a fence… etc … there is always something to do when you own a little piece of property, with or without a home on it, there is always work to be done!

And the most important thing to do in the next few months is to spend time with Family and Friends!

Below a few pictures of the recently completed, “Bertha’s Bedroom.”

Last year, after a terribly hot Kentucky-August in Bertha, I decided to build a structure that would provide me and Bertha some shade.  In 2012, there were many nights when I went to bed at 11:00 PM and the camper’s inside temperature was in the high 80s and even 90s,  that makes sleeping a challenge. Before I left for Africa in September of 2012, a buddy and I were able to get the structure’s wood frame completed.  This week we were able to just about finish work on what I call, “Bertha’s Bedroom.”
There is a little more work to be done, but for the most part, she is ready.  And the good news is she survived the icy winter with no problems!  I am hoping that with the shade, the inside temperatures will be a lot cooler this Summer.  My experience with the benefits of shade came in Sisophon, Cambodia in 1993.  I was on a UN mission and living in a military GP tent for 7 months.  During the days, the temps inside the tent could reach the high 90s.  After a few months in country, our Engineer Platoon built tin-roofed structures over the tents, much like Bertha’s Bedroom and temperatures dropped 20 degrees immediately.  That’s what I am hoping for.  We will see… more to follow!

Below, this year I’ve decided size does matter and will plant a bigger garden!
I am a tilled-up and ready to plant… I just need the soil to dry-up a bit!


This is Definitely Not African Weather…

It has been almost one month since my last blog post, and as you can see by the above picture,
I am not in Tropical-Sub-Saharan Africa.  After six months away from my family and friends, I decided to take a trip to Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan to visit my mother and two brothers and their families.  The day I departed Malabo, Equatorial Guinea in mid-March it was sunny and temperatures were in the low 90s… when I arrived at the Cincinnati Airport almost 37 hours later, it was 40 degrees and overcast.  Talk about a shock to the body… I forgot that it takes quite a bit of time for the body to acclimatize and I was pretty cold for the first week.  During the second day of my visit to my mother’s home in North-East Ohio, we got about 5 inches of snow!

Yikes, this was not what I was expecting!

I am planning some great adventures in the near future, but first I need to spend some more time with my Family and Friends!