Great Stuff for the Wanderer, EXOFFICIO Underwear!

If you have followed my blog since it began about 2 years ago, you know that I like to post recommendations of equipment / gear / clothing etc… basically things that I think are great for someone with a mobile lifestyle or for someone living off-grid or in an RV for example.  It’s been a while since I last recommended something, I have been meaning to do it for a few months but the internet connection at my hotel here in Malabo has been really “hit or miss” and mostly “miss” lately, so posting any pictures has been really slow.  This weekend the hotel changed the password which appears to have freed the network from all the band-width thieves in the Plaza across the street.  For the time being, I have a pretty good connection, so I’ll try to post a few recommendations.

I have traveled a lot during my life, I have been to some “really nice places,” and I have been to some really “less than nice places.”

My accommodations have ranged from the luxurious,

The “Sofitel Grand Hotel” in Amsterdam, on the high end of luxury….

To the less than luxurious like,

A snow-cave in Norway, a two-man tent on the peat moss bogs of the Hebrides, Islands of Scotland, or a GP tent in the jungles of Sok Son, Cambodia.

One thing that all these places have in common is that the frequent traveler eventually needs to have his or her laundry washed.  No matter how rough and tough you are, no one likes to smell you from 30 paces.  When you can smell yourself, it’s definitely time to wash you drawers!

Speaking of drawers, that’s exactly the piece of clothing I am going to recommend, that’s right, underwear.
I know many men will say, go commando, I don’t wear any underwear….. blah, blah, blah… that’s your call, but I recommend that all smart travelers wear underwear.
Why?  You never know when you will be in a situation where you will want to change your outer clothing, like going from a pair of long pants in the jungle to a pair of shorts on a nearby beach.  If you have on underwear, you can change clothes without offending the local population (or in some people’s case “frighten the locals”) or without getting arrested by the local police for indecent exposure.

Ok, what’s my recommendation, it’s EX OFFICIO boxer briefs.  They have been the best underwear ever invented for the mobile lifestyle.  They are comfortable, rugged, quick drying and don’t look like they fell out of grandpa’s closet!

Above, a pair of my drawers, the EXOFFICIO boxer briefs.  Perhaps the greatest pair of underwear ever invented for the frequent traveler.  I can wash them in my hotel room sink and air dry them in about 8 hours.  If you notice, I have a “bungie-cord” type clothesline.  It has also been a great piece of travel gear!  It’s a “Rick Steves” travel clothesline.  You can hang it anywhere!

EXOFFICIO Boxer Briefs………………. about $30.00 a pair
Rick Steves clothesline…………………….about $15.00
Clean Drawers………………………………..PRICELESS!