Secret Weapon Salsa

I don’t consider myself a great cook… yet… but I have been trying to improve my culinary skills over the last few years.  It’s funny that when I lived in a multi-100-thousand dollar home with a nice big kitchen I didn’t cook very often.  But now residing in a small RV, I have really gotten more excited about trying to learn to cook!  One doesn’t need to be a great cook to eat healthy foods!  I have been eating pretty well in 2012.  The proof is in the 30+ pound weight loss since Christmas 2011!  I’m trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat less sugar and simple carbs!  I feel a lot better!

One of my weaknesses is “chips and salsa.”  I know tortilla chips are not the best food on the planet but boy do they taste good with the right salsa!  This week I made some fresh salsa with ingredients from my garden.  I grew the tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, thai peppers and cilantro.  I bought the lime juice, garlic, olive oil and sea-salt.  My secret weapon for the salsa is the thai hot pepper!  Just a few add a nice kick to the typical salsa!  You know that good tongue and lip tingle that the right amount of spice adds to the appropriate dishes?  That’s what the thai hot peppers do to my salsa, they add a great hot kick….very tasty!

Above, some of the fresh ingredients assembled for the “Secret Weapon Salsa!”

Below, the “Magic-Bullet” works great to blend ingredients!

Above and below, some of the ingredients of my “Secret Weapon Salsa” just minutes before being ready to eat!  Talk about fresh… on the vine at 10:00 AM and then ready to eat at 10:10 AM!

Below, “Secret Weapon Salsa” ready to eat!


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