Bertha’s New Bedroom, 2012

This Summer it’s been hot all over the globe, and nowhere has it been worse than here in central Kentucky.  I’ve mentioned the Summer heat a few times in past posts, I’m sure!  The worse thing is that Bertha (my truck camper) has been sitting in the hot Summer sun since I arrived back here in Kentucky in late May.  I have been wanting to build a roof over the old girl for a few years and the heat this year made me act!  I know that getting some shade over the camper will significantly reduce the temperature inside during the Summer months!  So that’s just what I’m doing!  The shade will help keep me and Bertha cooler and help protect her from the sun’s harmful Summer rays and the ocassional hail storm!  In addition to the roof over the camper, I added a gate and about 30 feet of horse fence to the entrance to my property!  I have really enjoyed the building projects… they help keep me sane!

Below, Bertha the Truck Camper gets a new bedroom, at least a roof anyways!

Below, the new gate and section of horse fence on the old farm!