Cooling Off, Country Style Part 2

Ok, I think I mentioned this before but in case you forgot, it’s HOT here in Central Kentucky!  Hot, Hot, Hot!  I know it’s hot all over the USA so I am probably not the only one crying about it!
Last night at 11:00 PM it was still 90 degrees in my camper…. Even a fan doesn’t help, when the air temp is 90 degrees, a fan is just blowing hot air on you!  I am working on a solution to help cool off the old truck camper!

Anyways, I decided to head to the Salt River and “cool-off” country style!

Below, some friends try to beat the Summer heat here in Central Kentucky.  Don’t have a swimsuit with you?  No worry… just go in your boxer briefs!  I really love “improvising country style.”


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