Cooling Off, Country Style Part 2

Ok, I think I mentioned this before but in case you forgot, it’s HOT here in Central Kentucky!  Hot, Hot, Hot!  I know it’s hot all over the USA so I am probably not the only one crying about it!
Last night at 11:00 PM it was still 90 degrees in my camper…. Even a fan doesn’t help, when the air temp is 90 degrees, a fan is just blowing hot air on you!  I am working on a solution to help cool off the old truck camper!

Anyways, I decided to head to the Salt River and “cool-off” country style!

Below, some friends try to beat the Summer heat here in Central Kentucky.  Don’t have a swimsuit with you?  No worry… just go in your boxer briefs!  I really love “improvising country style.”


Twin Fawns on the Farm, 2012

For a few weeks now I have been trying to photograph two does with their fawns.  As luck would have it….  it seemed that every time I happened upon the fawns, a set of twins and a set of triplets, I was without my camera!?!  Well, last night while I was driving onto the property I spotted the twins in the field about a 100 yards off the road. Luckily, this time I had my camera and a 500mm zoom lens so I snapped a few shots before they bounced off into the bushes.

Below, a few pictures of a set of twin fawns on the Kentucky Farm, 2012.



Meanwhile Back on the Farm, again!

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on my blog.  I got back from Michigan about 2 weeks ago and have been really busy since.  There are lots of projects to do on the little farm, stacking and re-stacking stones in the stone wall, cutting grass, pulling weeds, cutting firewood and so on…  There is always something that needs to be done.  So for someone with a short attention span like me, all these projects are great!  I can work on one project for a few hours, and then switch to another one if I get bored!  This year, the one factor that has made working outdoors so much more challenging has been the oppressive heat!  I have lived in some really hot places in my life.  Places like the Mohave Desert, Sub-Saharan Africa, Okinawa, Japan and Cambodia in the Summer to name a few, but this year the heat and humidity in Kentucky rival the miserable conditions of any of these places!  Yesterday in my Camper, it was 99 degrees at 4:00 PM, and did I mention with the heat index it was well over 100 degrees!  When I went to bed at 11:00 PM it was 87 degrees!  Not great sleeping conditions.  I’ve been hotter and I’ve been more miserable but this heat is still NO fun!  I do not have air conditioning in the camper!  I’ve thought about installing it but as soon as I install it we will probably have a cold streak!  I will try to make it through this Summer with a good fan!  
Below are some recent pictures from the farm, 

Above, a rabbit hides in the grass, trying to escape the talons of a hungry hawk circling above!

Below, some of my blackberry harvest for 2012!  My neighbor was kind enough to make a wonderful blackberry cobbler for us to enjoy a few days ago!

Above, the birds love the abundance of wild cherries this year!

Below, the wheat was planted around the pond’s damn to help prevent erosion while the pond fills!

Above, the pond has been filling steadily since our last fix last Fall, I really hope it holds.  It would be nice to stock it with catfish soon, my nephew and his buddies would sure love to fish!

Below, the windmill keeps the pond circulating with fresh air while it fills!


The 4th UpNorth…. Michigan 2012.

I spent the last week “Up-North” in Michigan!  My brothers and their families, my mother and I got together to celebrate the 4th of July at my mother’s cottage.  I have been going “Up-North” since I was born!  It was really great to see everyone!  We had a wonderful week together!  The weather was really, really “HOT,” but one of the great things about the cottage is that it’s on a lake!
Needless to say we all spent a lot of time in the water!

Above, the view from the cottage-dock.  The raft has been the scene of many “king-of-the-mountain” battles over the years!

Below, the forest behind the cottage was our playground for so many years!  It was where we hiked, camped, built forts, had “B-B Gun” battles and even watched a bald-eagle’s nest year after year!

Below, I parked Bertha behind the cottage and had my home on wheels only feet from the lake!



Cooling-Off ….. Country Style!

These last few weeks in Kentucky have been HOT!  That’s probably the understatement of the year!  Temps soared above the 100 degree mark for two days!  One afternoon, I checked the weather station in my truck camper and it was 106 degrees in the sun!  I don’t have a/c in my off-grid set-up….so what’s a guy to do in the scorching heat?  Go country…. a tree swing over the river is a great solution to the heat!

Below are a series of pictures of a friend on a tree swing over the Salt River near the “Four Roses” Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  Yes, the river-water was green and mucky, but it was a great way to cool off when temps went over the 100 degree mark!