Kentucky Farm Update, June 2012…

After a few weeks away from Kentucky, visiting family and friends in Tennessee and Michigan, I’m back on my property in Kentucky.  To my pleasure, things are looking really green!  The vegetables I planted a few weeks ago have jumped up pretty fast!  Fortunately for me, a friend watered my plants daily!  It has been hot in central Kentucky and the tomatoes seem to be really happy!  I think in a few weeks I might have some ready to eat!  My friends Tina and Larry were kind enough to give me some zucchini and squash from their garden.  They planted earlier than I did this year and already have some nice vegetables, ready to eat!  Since today will be sunny and in the 90s, I decided to break-out the solar cooker.  What’s on the dinner menu?  How does Chicken breast with zucchini, squash, onion, sweet potatoes and a few cans of the generic version of Ro-tel (tomatoes with green chiles) sound?  I set-up my solar oven at 11:00 and after 10 mins in the sun the temp had already reached 220 degrees!  After this post, I need to go check the cooker again to make sure it’s maximizing the sun’s rays!  I think about 3 hours in the sun today and the dish should be ready to eat!  With some of the ingredients given to me by my neighbors, the cost of a “4 person meal” today will be about $6.30!  Not bad considering a meal at McDonald’s for one person is about 5 dollars!  And Chicken breast with fresh vegetables will be a lot tastier than McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets!         

Above and Below, the vegetables I planted a few weeks ago have really enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps!

Above, the pond might be holding water after 2 fixes over the past year?  I say might because it currently has water and we have not had much rain in the last few weeks!  The deer, birds and other wildlife really enjoy the water supply.  I really hope it holds!  If not I might need a liner?  We have a windmill generating air for the pond so if she continues to fill up we are going to stock it in the fall with fish!

Below, this will be a great year for Blackberries in Kentucky!  My property is loaded with them!  Looks like I will be able to pick some in a week or two!

Above and below, today’s lunch… Chicken breast with zucchini, squash, onions, sweet potatoes and canned tomatoes with green chiles!  All cooked courtesy of the mighty sun!


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