“GLOBAL SUN OVEN,”…. Lemon Chicken

I occasionally post information about equipment I find useful for off-grid living or for life on the road in a small RV!  I have mentioned the “Global Sun Oven,” solar oven before but feel compelled to again talk about this wonderful cooker!  Today I made baked lemon chicken (an entire chicken) with vegetables and once again the “Global Sun Oven” performed like a champ!  I set-up the oven at 10:00 AM and let it cook until about 4:30 PM…. the temps varied between 220 and 250 degrees the entire time.  I moved the oven 4 times throughout the day to better catch the sun’s rays.  The chicken was delicious, very moist and almost fell off the bone!  I think it’s pretty cool being able to cook without using fossil fuel sources!  The initial cost of the “Global Sun Oven” is probably the only negative, a bit high in my opinion!  Today on Amazon, they sell for $259.00.  
All things considered, the “Global Sun Oven” has made a wonderful addition to my off-grid lifestyle!

Above, the un-cooked chicken just squeezes into the cook pan, under the chicken are a healthy helping of fresh vegetables!

Below, the “Global Sun Oven” in action, cooking a whole chicken!

Below, the chicken fully cooked by the “Global Sun Oven” and ready for consumption!


Kentucky Farm Update, June 2012…

After a few weeks away from Kentucky, visiting family and friends in Tennessee and Michigan, I’m back on my property in Kentucky.  To my pleasure, things are looking really green!  The vegetables I planted a few weeks ago have jumped up pretty fast!  Fortunately for me, a friend watered my plants daily!  It has been hot in central Kentucky and the tomatoes seem to be really happy!  I think in a few weeks I might have some ready to eat!  My friends Tina and Larry were kind enough to give me some zucchini and squash from their garden.  They planted earlier than I did this year and already have some nice vegetables, ready to eat!  Since today will be sunny and in the 90s, I decided to break-out the solar cooker.  What’s on the dinner menu?  How does Chicken breast with zucchini, squash, onion, sweet potatoes and a few cans of the generic version of Ro-tel (tomatoes with green chiles) sound?  I set-up my solar oven at 11:00 and after 10 mins in the sun the temp had already reached 220 degrees!  After this post, I need to go check the cooker again to make sure it’s maximizing the sun’s rays!  I think about 3 hours in the sun today and the dish should be ready to eat!  With some of the ingredients given to me by my neighbors, the cost of a “4 person meal” today will be about $6.30!  Not bad considering a meal at McDonald’s for one person is about 5 dollars!  And Chicken breast with fresh vegetables will be a lot tastier than McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets!         

Above and Below, the vegetables I planted a few weeks ago have really enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps!

Above, the pond might be holding water after 2 fixes over the past year?  I say might because it currently has water and we have not had much rain in the last few weeks!  The deer, birds and other wildlife really enjoy the water supply.  I really hope it holds!  If not I might need a liner?  We have a windmill generating air for the pond so if she continues to fill up we are going to stock it in the fall with fish!

Below, this will be a great year for Blackberries in Kentucky!  My property is loaded with them!  Looks like I will be able to pick some in a week or two!

Above and below, today’s lunch… Chicken breast with zucchini, squash, onions, sweet potatoes and canned tomatoes with green chiles!  All cooked courtesy of the mighty sun!


Pasties, Pickled Eggs and Blue Lakes….

I said in my last post that before my feet took root in Kentucky, I wanted to visit family in Tennessee and  attend my niece’s High School Graduation in Michigan.  I spent just one week in Kentucky and then took to the road again, first to Knoxville, Tennessee and then to the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.  My mother and aunt were in Knoxville to visit my cousin for a week so my brother, his family and I went south for a quick 2 day visit.  We had a great time.  I rode a horse for the first time in over 34 years and watched my cousin perform at Dolly Pardon’s Dixie Stampede.  If you’ve never seen the Dixie Stampede, it’s kinda like Ice-Capades on Horseback!  My cousin has been a horse person his entire life and did some pretty cool riding!  The next day Bertha and I were on our way from Tennessee to Michigan to see the graduation…. I can’t believe my niece, the little girl just a few years ago, is now a beautiful young lady… boy how time races by…. she will be a freshman next Fall at Michigan State University, the same place where I was a freshman 30 years ago!  Talk about time racing by…… Life really is too short…. that’s why I have decided to live frugally now and see as much of the world as I can at a young age.  My father passed away at the relatively young age of 61 and never really had a chance to enjoy his retirement!  Almost anyone can amass a fortune, but I have yet to see anyone take that fortune with them into heaven.  What’s my point, enjoy life everyday!  Spend less time trying to be rich with cash and more time trying to be rich with great experiences!

Above, one of the many beautiful lakes in Northern Michigan.  I parked Bertha next to this lake and had a wonderful view during lunch!

Below, in honor of my father, I decided to skip the healthy salad for lunch and indulge in some of his favorite Michigan foods!  My father loved lots of weird foods.  Stuff like beef tongue, pickled eggs and pickled beets were just a few of the less-than-normal dishes he liked.  Not really a weird food, but definitely a northern Michigan favorite, the “Pasty” was one of my Dad’s favorites too.  Not to be confused with what strippers wear to cover their boobies (pasties)… but rather the meat filled pastry called a “Pasty.”   As you can see below on the Trailer, the plural of Pasty is Pasties?  Hmmm…. interesting!  They are very tasty too… the “Pasty” that is….

Above, the meat-filled pie known as the “Pasty.”

Below, a few more of my father’s favorites… pickled eggs and polish sausages, I too like them!  Might be a Prilosec night!?