The Cleveland National Forest, SoCal, 2012

The Cleveland National Forest is located about 60 miles east of San Diego just north of interstate 8.  It’s the southern most national forest in California and encompasses approximately 720 square miles of Mediterranean like terrain and climate.  Looking to escape San Diego for a few hours, I decided to visit the forest earlier today.  To get to the Forest from San Diego, take interstate 8 east to the Sunrise hwy exit and go north.  Within 20 mins of driving you reach about 5000 ft elevation.  When I departed San Diego at 9:00 am today it was sunny and 60 degrees at 200 ft elevation.  Upon reaching 5000 ft elevation at the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, 60 miles east of the city, there was still a little snow on the ground! It’s pretty cool being able to go from a sunny beach to a snow covered mountain within an hour drive, well I guess that’s one of many reasons Southern California is so unique!

Above, Bertha sits at 5000 feet elevation in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area looking east toward the Anza Borrego Desert.

Below, the last bit of snow in the Cleveland National Forest.

Above, looking east from the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area towards the Anza Borrego Desert.

Below, after the recent rains in Southern California, the Cleveland National Forest is lush and green, a far cry from the horrible forest fires of 2003 and 2007!



Buskers Abound, San Diego 2012

Today, Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego hosted the “2012 Spring Busker Festival.”
What is a “Busker” you ask?
According to the dictionary, a “Busker” is one who plays music or entertains in a public place, usually while soliciting money.
During my travels I have seen “Buskers” before but never knew that’s what they were called? I guess we learn something everyday!  Today, there were at least a dozen different “Buskers” throughout Seaport Village, street acrobats / break-dancers, musicians, pogo-stick performers and a juggler to name a few.  “Free” live entertainment (except for a few donations) coupeled with the awesome San Diego weather made for a great day!

Below, a nautical themed Busker-band entertains visitors to Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego.

Above and Below, the three “Pogo Dudes” perform at the 2012 Spring Busker Festival.

Above, I didn’t catch the name of the above act, but they combined humor with music at the 2012 Spring Busker Festival.

Above, the “Human Music-box” performs at the Busker Festival.

Below,  I caught just the last min of the Juggler performing at the 2012 Busker Festival.


The Old Globe Theater, Balboa Park, San Diego

Built in 1935 for the California Pacific International Exposition, the Old Globe Theater located in Balboa Park, San Diego produces about 15 main-stage productions annually and is recognized as one of the nations top ranked regional theaters!  I recently saw the musical, “A Room With a View,” at the Old Globe, an Edwardian era love story set in Tuscany and the English Countryside.  I really enjoyed the show!  It was my fist time at the Old Globe Theater but will certainly not be my last.

Above, The Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  I recommend visitors to San Diego visit the Park and see what’s playing at the Old Globe Theater!


Folding Bike with the Truck Camper

I love Craigslist.  I have had great success both selling and buying things using their website.  Remember when posting ads to the newspaper classifieds or posting a flier on a telephone pole were about the only ways for buyers and sellers to meet?  Thanks to Craigslist, you can now find just about anything you need locally with a few clicks of a computer mouse!  I have been looking for a small folding bike to take with me on trips with Bertha the Truck Camper.  I could have purchased a full size bike but thought that maybe with a folding bike I can eventually put it in a suitcase and take it with me on future trips to Europe?  Luckily I recently found a nice folding bike on San Diego Craigslist, a Trek F400.  It’s in great shape and cost me about 25% of the new cost!  The bike is not very sexy looking, and I won’t win any road races on it but it will get me around town faster than walking!

Above, a Trek F400 Folding Bicycle.


La Jolla, California in a Truck Camper 2012

This morning was a typical beautiful San Diego morning, cool and sunny.  I had to remind myself it’s early March because it seemed like May it was so beautiful!  I decided to take Bertha for a drive, she has had the last week off and it’s always a good idea to fire up a diesel vehicle from time to time and run it a bit.  I drove about 6 miles to the top of Mt Soledad in La Jolla, California.  La Jolla is famous for beautiful homes, wonderful beaches and of course million dollar views!  It was a great way to start the weekend!

Above, from the top of Mt Soledad in La Jolla, California, Bertha takes in the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Below, a view of the California Coastline from Mt Soledad in La Jolla California looking North!

Above, the drive to Mt Soledad Park is pretty steep and Bertha worked up a nice sweat, but the awesome 360 degree views of San Diego and the wonderful memorial to the fallen service men and women make a trip worth while!

Below the cross on top of Mt Soledad.  The Park is on public land but the cross on private property, sounds like a great idea!


A Walk in the Park….

My friends and family in Central Kentucky have been hit hard with some pretty severe weather during the past week.  Late last week, tornados hit Kentucky with destructive results and then over the weekend it snowed making the situation even more difficult for those who lost their homes!   Hopefully a few pictures of a few of the sights from Balboa Park will brighten up the day of someone in an area hit by the storms!

Above and below, located just behind the “Prado Restaurant” in Balboa Park is this picturesque small fountain, popular with both humans and ducks!


10,000 Hits and WanderLust Blog Has a New Address……

I just passed the 10,000 hit-mark on the Blog apocketfullofwanderlust!

                                     Yay…….  Time to “CELEBRATE” with a Little Bubbly!
                                              (not really, since I don’t drink, it’s just for show)

I know that’s not really a super significant accomplishment, but 10,000 hits is better than 100 hits right?

I have always thought that having the word “.blogspot” as part of the address that it made the address too long!  I recently learned for a very nominal fee, bloggers like me can purchase a “custom domain name” from Google that basically removes the “.blogspot” from the address.  So that’s what I did!

The new “WanderLust” web-address is now,

The old address should continue to direct you to the blog but just incase it doesn’t, please make a note of the new address!

Thanks for reading!


San Diego, California 2012

I arrived in San Diego earlier this week after 3 weeks on the road.  My trip took me to a number of places I had never been to before.  The Mississippi Delta and Big Bend National Park in South West Texas were probably the two most interesting “new places” I visited.  I am now in the Up-Town District of San Diego visiting friends.  Bertha is safely parked off the street at my friend David’s home located just blocks from Balboa Park, one of my favorite places in San Diego.  Balboa Park is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the great weather and wonderful sights.  Speaking of weather, it’s in the low 70s and sunny today, a far cry from the cold, wet, tornado-ravaged Kentucky I departed almost a month ago.  Luckily,  my friends and family in Central Kentucky were not hit directly by the recent tornados, but one did hit about 75 miles away in Southern Indiana.  I am very glad my family and friends in Kentucky are safe and sound!

I will try to post some great new places to visit in and around San Diego in the blog over the next few weeks.  Southern California offers so much to see and do for anyone suffering from “WanderLust.”

Above, a view from Balboa Park on a beautiful Sunday morning in San Diego!