Silver City New Mexico 2012

My final stop in SouthWest Texas was El Paso.  I spent the night on Fort Bliss Army Base.  I arrived after dark and didn’t really know my way around so I boon-docked for the night behind an old Theater Building to seek shelter from the 50 mph wind gusts sweeping across the base!  After a great night’s rest, I visited the base commissary to stock up on a few food items and I was off…. direction West…. destination, Silver City, New Mexico!  It was an easy 160 mile drive from El Paso to Silver City.  I arrived at about 4:00 PM and decided I would spend the night in an RV Park so I could top off my water, empty my tanks and do some laundry.  I chose the “Silver City RV Park” because of its proximity to the Historic Silver City Downtown area, only about a 5 mins walk!  Bill, the RV Park Host, was very friendly and gave me some great information on the town and also a list of resources for the Work-Camp RVer!  Even though I stayed the first night in an RV Park, it looks like the town would be an easy, safe place to boon-dock and I saw a few campers doing just that!  After settling Big Bertha into her designated RV spot for the night, I went into town for a bite to eat and to walk around!  The first impression I had was, “this town has an eclectic mix of folks.”  It’s easy to see the mix of students, miners, holistic healthcare givers and lots of other folks at any number of the local coffee establishments!  On the Silver City town website they refer to their town as “the way Santa Fe was before all the “trustifarians” arrived.”  Probably a great way to describe the town.  Silver City became famous in the 1870s with the discover of, of course, silver in the hills surrounding the town.  The fame was short lived and by the late 1880s some of the wealthiest had lost their fortunes when 2 of the local banks collapsed!  Evidently, after the mining bust the town reinvented itself as a destination for travelers seeking better health.  That reinvention is still evident today as many holistic health businesses are located all around the downtown area.  Below are a few photographs of the morning walk around town and up into the hills to the south and west of the downtown area called Boston Hill.  There is a wonderful labyrinth of walking trails weaving their way around centuries old pit mines dotting the hillside!  To find a great starting point for a hike into the hills around Silver City, go to the trial-head on the south side of the County Courthouse Building.

Above, one of the many murals on century old buildings in Silver City, New Mexico.

Below, The welcome sign to Historic Downtown Silver City, New Mexico.

Above, one of the many store-fronts dating back to the 1880s.

Below, the City Hall Clock, in Silver City, New Mexico.

Above and below, more 1880s architecture in Silver City, New Mexico!

Below, another colorful mural on a store-front in Silver City, New Mexico.

Above and below, a reminder that the infamous “Billy The Kid” aka William Bonney, called Silver City home in the mid-1870s when he lived in a cabin similar to this recreation built on the site of the original dwelling.  As many of you know, Billy went on to become a central figure in the Lincoln County Wars of 1878 to 1881 in Lincoln County, New Mexico.


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