The Little Manatee River and a Greasy Taco Shop…

Today I went for a paddle on the “Little Manatee River” near Sarasota, Florida.  I parked my truck at the “Canoe Outpost” located just South West of the junction of the Little Manatee River and HW 301.  The “Canoe Outpost” is a full service Canoe and Kayak business.  They rent all sorts of boats and offer pick-up services down river to get you back to your vehicle.  There is also a campground with showers and bathrooms if you want to overnight on the river.  Mike and Brian, two “Canoe Outpost” employees I met were very helpful.  Thanks guys!  Since I have my own kayak, I only needed a ride from the end of my paddle back to my truck, $20.00 was the cost, fair enough!  Unfortunately I didn’t see any Manatees, but it was still a beautiful way to spend the day!  The 5 mile paddle took just under 2 hours .  The river depth is a bit low now, normal for Winter months,  resulted in the need to drag my Kayak over 1/2 a dozen sandbars.  The tranquility of a lazy river was only temporarily disturbed by the buzz of 3 air-boats taking beer drinking tourists down river.  After a nice paddle what’s a guy to do…?  Eat Mexican Food!  I like greasy-spoon type restaurants and “Julia’s Tacos” certainly answers the mail.  I was the only “Gringo” in the place but it was full and that usually means the food is good, which it was!  Time to clean and re-pack my boat….. so many rivers……    

Above and below, the lazy “Little Manatee River.”


Above, Shelia (my kayak’s name) takes a break from a lazy day floating down the river.
Below, the air-boats jet by on their way down river, man are those things LOUD!

Above, even though I didn’t see any manatees this time, the sign above proves that they are in the river!
Below,  “The Canoe Outpost” bus.  If you want to use their services, the info in the below picture will help you contact them!

Below, “The Canoe Outpost” office, complete with everything you need to spend a great day on the “Little Manatee River.”

Above, my tasty lunch of chicken tostadas at “Julia’s Tacos.”
Below,  “Julia’s Tacos” located on HW 674 about 3 miles East of the junction of HW 301.


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