Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort, Kentucky Kayak Trip

I took advantage of the awesome weather today and went for a kayak trip on the Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The water was cold but other than that, conditions were great!  The creek was about 2 feet deep in the lowest spots and moving at about 4 miles an hour.   It was sunny and temps in the low 50s, a great day to paddle.  The best part of the trip was that the only thing I heard was the water running over the rocks and a few birds overhead.  I saw a great blue heron crane, a king fisher and a river otter!
Above, the Innova Safari Kayak in an Eastpac bag with wheels.  Total weight for Kayak, paddle, lifejacket, and bag is about 30 pounds.
Below, a short break from paddling on the Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort, Kentucky, January 2012. 

Above, the Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort, Kentucky, January 2012.

Below, a short video of a Great Blue Heron Crane on the Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort, Kentucky.


Great Clothing, ODLO……. Just a Recommendation!

Many of the great products I have purchased over the years were recommended to me by other adventurous travelers.  I often forget how great some of this gear is until I use something else.  One clothing line that has proven to be a great find is ODLO.  The company has been producing sportswear since it was founded in Norway in 1946.  The Company is now headquartered in Switzerland and produces great functional Sportswear for people who love to be outdoors in any weather!
I highly recommend Odlo Sportswear!  Last Spring while I was in Mainz, Germany, I happened to visit an alpine outfitter store while walking around downtown.  I purchased the shirt in the picture below and have been really happy with the quality, comfort and durability!

Below is the link to the Odlo website;



Deadwood Stove Company…. Stove Review.

Occasionally I post a review of a product that really impresses me.  The “Deadwood Stove” is one of those really impressive products!  I am always interested in products that I can use without conventional power.  I think it’s always prudent to have the means to cook food or purify water without electric power and that having various means to accomplish this goal is a good idea!  I have a “Sun Oven” solar oven, a small one burner multi fuel stove and most recently purchased a small wood burning stove from the “Deadwood Stove Company.”  I must say, the stove far exceeds my expectations!  It is extremely well built and actually does what the advertising says it will do!  In a few mins, with no more than a few dead sticks, some old newspaper and a bic-lighter, I had a HOT burning fire in the stove.  In less than 5 mins I boiled a pot of water!  Pretty cool!  The simplicity of the stove’s design makes it a must have piece of equipment for anyone who wants a great backup stove for camping or emergency situations when power is not available.

Check-out the “Deadwood Stove Company” at (www.deadwoodstove.com).

Below are a few pictures of my stove;


A Winter Ride on a B.O.M…….

Today the Bluegrass region saw temps in the low 60s, wow, and we are in Jan?  So I decided to ride my  Honda on a few hours.  I gave my bike a name today, she’s now known as Lady-B.O.M. (Short for “Big Ole Mare”).  A Mare is of course a Female Horse.  This bike is definitely a horse and in Kentucky you must name your horse.  I believe all vehicles should have female names, kinda like giving boats female names.  For example, my Ford F350 truck is affectionately named “Big-Bertha” and my ’93 Ford Ranger is named “Lil-Bertha.”  I know you shouldn’t give two sisters the same name, but remember, I’m in Kentucky so it’s ok!

Giddie-Up Lady-BOM!!!


An Incredible Resource for the Adventurous Traveler, The Expedition Portal.

The Internet is an incredible resource for information of all kinds!  You can probably find information on just about every possible topic known to mankind!  I am always amazed when I search for a seemingly obscure fact or bit of information and I find it in seconds with an internet search.  What makes the internet really enjoyable for me, is that I can easily find like minded people, willing to share information with me!  As a pretty adventurous traveler, I find myself referring to a few sites more than any others, one of those sites is “The Expedition Portal.”

The “Expedition Portal” site states.

“Expedition Portal is a community of expedition travelers intent on exploring the distant and remote places of the world.”

With the above definition in mind… there is probably no better place for someone like me, suffering from wander-lust, to go and get information about exploring “the distant and remote places of the world.”
I just LOVE this site!
The Expedition Portal Site (found at, www.expeditionportal.com) offers visitors the ability to share information on every aspect of overland vehicular travel.  Members can post questions or answers to questions concerning anything related to “Overland Vehicular Travel.”

Visit the Expedition Portal website, join the community, join the conversation and get smart!  


Daniel Boone Statue at Cherokee Park, Louisville, Kentucky

The above statue of Daniel Boone stands at one of the entrances to Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky.  The statue is the work of Louisville native Enid Yandell (1870 – 1934).  More of Enid’s sculptures can be found at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.  Cherokee Park is a 409 acre metropolitan park located in Louisville that offers a green space escape from the urban jungle.  


Teaching a Pig to Drive a Motorcycle

A friend of mine decided she needed a Pot-Belly Pig to start the New Year off right!  We decided to see if pigs really are as smart they say they are and let this lil-fella take my bike for a quick spin around the farm.  He could steer alright but his lil-hoves didn’t reach the shifter bar and couldn’t get the bike out of first gear!


Let it Snow…2012…

After a warm start to the Winter here in Central Kentucky, old man Winter arrived for sure today!  For my friends in Africa and other warm locations around the globe, checkout the short video to see some Kentucky snow!