Kentucky Was Home To Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone (1734-1820).
Kentucky is synonymous with Bourbon, the Kentucky Long Rifle, Kentucky Basketball and of course, Daniel Boone!  Boone first entered Kentucky in 1767 and would later guide many trading companies westward from Virginia and was instrumental in putting the state on the map.   In 1799, when according to Boone, Kentucky was becoming over populated, he emigrated further West to Missouri where he died in 1820.  Years later, in 1845, Boone and his wife Rebecca were reinterred in Frankfort Kentucky.  In a time before antibiotics, gor-tex and other creature comforts, the fact that Daniel Boone lived to the ripe old age of 86 is very impressive.  Not only were the times tough but as a frontiersman, Boone’s lifestyle was even tougher!

Above, Daniel Boone’s Grave in Frankfort, Kentucky, overlooking the Kentucky River and the State Capital.

Below, a few facts about Daniel Boone and his life.

Below, the grave of another famous Kentuckian, Artist Paul Sawyer, is located only a few hundred feet away from Daniel Boone’s grave.

Above, the new Kentucky State Capital Building (Built in 1905- Current).

Below, the old Kentucky State Capital Building (1830-1919).

Below, proof that Winter has arrived in Kentucky 2011.

Frankfort, the State Capital of Kentucky, is located in central Kentucky on the Kentucky River.  The city is not as famous as Lexington or Louisville but is worth a visit none the less.  Most activity takes place during the day, when 1000s of State Workers come to Frankfort.  The evenings are more quiet with a few bars and restaurants being the main attractions in the Downtown area.  There are numerous museums open during the day and worth a visit!  For Bourbon lovers, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is located on the Kentucky River only a few miles from the State Capital Building, tours are available.


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