Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry……..

What is “Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry” you ask?  I don’t know but I just made it…. I hope it tastes good!  No really, on a serious note, I recently bought a Thermal Cooker and wanted to try a recipe that would not only taste great but also fit into my “Caveman Diet.”

So, I made a Chicken Curry, ala Kentucky Style……

-1 pound of chicken breast, cut into bit size pieces.

-One large sweet white onion.

-One med size sweet potato.
-Curry Powder.
-Chicken Broth, low fat.
-Plum Sauce.
-Chile Paste with Garlic.
-Olive Oil.

Since a thermal cooker requires no continued heat source after the ingredients are brought to a rolling boil for a few mins, it will be a great addition to eating well on the road!  All I need is to place the Thermal Cooker inner pot on a heat source, like a BBQ grill, a stove, a single burner camp stove or a campfire even and then bring the contents to a boil for a few mins, then place inner pot in the outer pot for 2-4 hours.  The Thermal Cooker maintains the heat above 175 degrees for hours.

I can’t wait to taste it!  While the Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry is cooking, I had a delicious “Caveman Salad” for today’s lunch.

Above, the ingredients of the world famous, Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry.

Below, after a few mins on the stove top, I place the Thermal Cooker inner pot into the outer pot and will let stand for about 4 hours.  In the meantime, I had a delicious “Caveman Salad” for lunch!


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