Wild Turkey Bourbon and a Motorcycle Ride in December….

Today it was warm here in Central Kentucky, in the low-50s.  I decided to take advantage of the unusually warm weather and went on a short ride on my motorcycle.  I stopped by the Wild Turkey Distillery Gift Shop and then took a ride along the Kentucky River.  My property is located less than 2 miles from the distillery.  The Distillery offers tours and there is also a nice gift shop selling everything from Bourbon to T-Shirts.  Visitors to Central Kentucky might find a stop at Wild Turkey worthwhile! 


A Country Sauna…. Slow Build!

I have always liked saunas, I think my first real sauna experience was in 1988 in Norway.  At the time, I was attending a Norwegian Army Winter Survival Course.  There were a few saunas on base and after field operations, fellow students and I would often spend an hour in the sauna, drink beers and tell stories.  The sauna is truly a social event in Scandinavia and much of Northern Europe.  In the US, you will occasionally find a sauna at a fitness club or a hotel, but not often will you find a sauna in a private residence.  In Finland, I have read, there are more saunas than houses?  I guess when it’s cold so much of the year, a sauna is a natural means to stay warm.  Add good friends and a drink to the sauna experience and you have a social event.  After 20 or 30 mins in a sauna, you feel rejuvenated!  In 2007, I decided I had the space on my property to build a sauna.  So after a long, slow building process, I finally finished the sauna in 2011!  Just in time for the cold Winter months!

Above, a few pictures of my “Kentucky Country Sauna.”


Made In America….. Buy one thing a month. Might just help your neighbor!

Like many people, I am concerned about the US economy.  I believe America has many decades of greatness ahead but some things need to change!  I am guilty of buying products and having absolutely no idea where they come from?  My friends joke about Walmart being “China-Mart.”  Yes, many of the products they sell are manufactured in China but they sell what people want…. that being the cheapest (cost wise and sometimes quality wise too) products.  We often look for a small 2 or 3 dollar item to buy but we don’t think of the long term cost associated with that cheap item breaking in a year or two and needing to be replaced!  A personal example is a rake I bought at a large “home improvement” store.  I paid 14 dollars for the rake.  In less than a year the rake had separated from the wood handle?  I noticed the handle and rake-head were only attached by pressure (rake head against the wood handle), no adhesive or fasteners were used?  So what did I do?  I went to another store and spent more money for a good rake, made in the USA and paid 3 times more.  So far the “expensive” rake has lasted 3 + years with no problems.  I am not saying that foreign companies make bad products, what I am saying is that if we can spend a little more for everyday products that are made in America and the quality is as good or better than the foreign product…maybe that’s the way to go?  If I buy a product made in America, I am employing an American ( I hope)!  So I took a look at “websites that direct consumers to products made in the USA” and there are quite a few;


My next internet purchase will be from an American based and manufactured company!  If everyone bought one product from one American Company once a month…. it might just make a difference!


Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry……..

What is “Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry” you ask?  I don’t know but I just made it…. I hope it tastes good!  No really, on a serious note, I recently bought a Thermal Cooker and wanted to try a recipe that would not only taste great but also fit into my “Caveman Diet.”

So, I made a Chicken Curry, ala Kentucky Style……

-1 pound of chicken breast, cut into bit size pieces.

-One large sweet white onion.

-One med size sweet potato.
-Curry Powder.
-Chicken Broth, low fat.
-Plum Sauce.
-Chile Paste with Garlic.
-Olive Oil.

Since a thermal cooker requires no continued heat source after the ingredients are brought to a rolling boil for a few mins, it will be a great addition to eating well on the road!  All I need is to place the Thermal Cooker inner pot on a heat source, like a BBQ grill, a stove, a single burner camp stove or a campfire even and then bring the contents to a boil for a few mins, then place inner pot in the outer pot for 2-4 hours.  The Thermal Cooker maintains the heat above 175 degrees for hours.

I can’t wait to taste it!  While the Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry is cooking, I had a delicious “Caveman Salad” for today’s lunch.

Above, the ingredients of the world famous, Kentucky Sweet Potato Chicken Curry.

Below, after a few mins on the stove top, I place the Thermal Cooker inner pot into the outer pot and will let stand for about 4 hours.  In the meantime, I had a delicious “Caveman Salad” for lunch!


Kentucky Was Home To Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone (1734-1820).
Kentucky is synonymous with Bourbon, the Kentucky Long Rifle, Kentucky Basketball and of course, Daniel Boone!  Boone first entered Kentucky in 1767 and would later guide many trading companies westward from Virginia and was instrumental in putting the state on the map.   In 1799, when according to Boone, Kentucky was becoming over populated, he emigrated further West to Missouri where he died in 1820.  Years later, in 1845, Boone and his wife Rebecca were reinterred in Frankfort Kentucky.  In a time before antibiotics, gor-tex and other creature comforts, the fact that Daniel Boone lived to the ripe old age of 86 is very impressive.  Not only were the times tough but as a frontiersman, Boone’s lifestyle was even tougher!

Above, Daniel Boone’s Grave in Frankfort, Kentucky, overlooking the Kentucky River and the State Capital.

Below, a few facts about Daniel Boone and his life.

Below, the grave of another famous Kentuckian, Artist Paul Sawyer, is located only a few hundred feet away from Daniel Boone’s grave.

Above, the new Kentucky State Capital Building (Built in 1905- Current).

Below, the old Kentucky State Capital Building (1830-1919).

Below, proof that Winter has arrived in Kentucky 2011.

Frankfort, the State Capital of Kentucky, is located in central Kentucky on the Kentucky River.  The city is not as famous as Lexington or Louisville but is worth a visit none the less.  Most activity takes place during the day, when 1000s of State Workers come to Frankfort.  The evenings are more quiet with a few bars and restaurants being the main attractions in the Downtown area.  There are numerous museums open during the day and worth a visit!  For Bourbon lovers, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is located on the Kentucky River only a few miles from the State Capital Building, tours are available.


Eating Like a Caveman……. Part 1, the Transformation Begins.

I have decided to make a genuine change to my dietary habits!   For the last few years, I have been complaining about weight gain (20+ pounds) and I have decided to do something about it!

Starting today, I am going to eat as healthy as possible…. kinda like a Caveman!
Lots of deep green, red, yellow and purple vegetables, fresh fruits and meats and fish!

That’s not to say I won’t eat other tasty things, I will!  But I will try to limit the overall amount of calories I consume and of course reduce the amount of bad stuff as much as possible.

Why?  Because I feel like it and I believe it’s my responsibility to look out for my health.

I know the “Holiday Season” is not the best time to start a new diet (read change of diet) for anyone, but when is a good time?  There is always an excuse for not doing something you know you should do but have been putting off…. so “darn-it, I’m starting NOW!”

Today’s Lunch consisted of a “Caveman Salad.”  (I assume my imaginary Caveman Friend had a garden and a river with salmon next to his cave… ok… just work with me here…lol)

Above, a picture of the Caveman Salad, organic greens, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, salmon and italian dressing (my caveman has a sister in Italy).

Below, a picture of me at age 40 in Brazil, a far cry from my current 20 + pound overweight body!  Why is there no current (47 years old) picture?  Because it’s too painful for even me to look at…. lol.  So for now, I just have the before picture…. and when I’m down to a reasonable weight, I’ll post a “now picture.”  Sorry about the “Speedo” but when in Rome…… I was living in Brazil!


Lexington, Kentucky…. Another Beautiful Day in December.

Today was another beautiful day in Central Kentucky, sunny and warm, again I can’t believe it’s already early December.  We have been lucky this Fall, its been pretty warm.  It did get down into the mid-20s last night but by 10:00 AM the sun was shining and it warmed up quite nicely!  I had a few errands to run in Lexington and because it was so nice outside, I decided to spend a few hours in the downtown area.

Below, a picture of Thoroughbred Park, Lexington, Kentucky.



Why Truck Campers are Awesome!

As followers of this blog know by now, I am a Truck Camper Enthusiast!  I mean the Blog is about Wander-Lust right… what better way to wander than in a compact RV?  Many people have asked me what I like best about my RV, so I started to think…. and I came up with a few of my top reasons.  Then I thought about the Truck Camper Forum at  www.RV.net…  and decided to post my question to some real Truck Camper experts.   

The question I posted to fellow Truck Camper enthusiasts was simple,

“What are the top 5 reasons you love your Truck Camper?”

Here are some of the top reasons Why Truck Camper Owners Love their Truck Campers: 
(in no specific order).

-Easy to drive.
-Goes anywhere a truck can go.
-Ease of set-up.
-Gets into all State Parks.
-Easy to re-fuel and turn around in tight spaces.
-No extra vehicle registration / licensing fees.
-Small Footprint.
-Smallest self-contained RV.
-Allows for towing a boat or other vehicle with ease.
-Easy to store.
-Lowest cost of ownership in the long run.
-Easy to separate truck from camper and use them independently.
-Four Season Capable.

My favorite answer was, “Because my Mother-in-Law hates to camp in our Truck Camper…”  Too funny!

-Thanks to my fellow members at the Truck Camper Forum on RV.net


The Mercury is Falling……. Yikes

During my morning walk today, I noticed that the old mercury hit the mid-20s last night!  I know it’s not that cold to many folks, but after years of living in SoCal, Rio de Janeiro, Africa and numerous other hot-spots… I guess I have become a cold weather WHIMP!  I am trying to toughen-up a little, I mean I did grow-up in North Eastern Ohio (Lots of snow and cold weather),  I attended college in Michigan and even graduated from the Allied Officer Winter Warfare Course in Norway in the late 1980s…. so I am familiar with cold weather, but I guess we can lose our resistance to the cold really fast!  A friend of mine from Montana said there is no such thing as cold weather… just bad clothing….  Well maybe that’s true, maybe I have bad clothing?  Probably not, I think I am just getting SOFT!  I will work on that!

Below, the frost set in on the ole-Farm this morning.