Bambi – Summer Sausage

So far this season, 3 deer have been harvested from my 20 acre piece of farmland.  This year in Kentucky, one can harvest as many doe as they want and only one buck.  The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife determines the number of doe or buck that can be taken based on population trends.  As I said, I plan to eat all the meat or share it with family and friends.  Below is a series of pictures of two of the deer shot on my property.  One was taken to a professional processor and made all into summer sausage.  The second deer was processed by a friend of mine and yielded about 55 pounds of venison.  Processing cost for 12 summer sausages, 2 back-straps and the tenderloins was $150.00, not cheap but very tasty.  The cost of self processing was of course free.  I need to get a smoker and make my own summer sausage next year.

Above, a Doe, ready to be processed.
Below, Jake the Cat keeping watch over the processing operation…. keeping all coyotes at bay!

Above, the venison processed at home.
Below, the summer sausage processed professionally.


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