Wander-Lust and Photography Go Together Like Milk and Cookies…

As far back as I can remember, I have suffered from Travel-Lust.  I think a family trip when I was 12 years old from Ohio to California in a red Volkswagen Camper Van helped start my love of travel and adventure!  I love seeing what’s around the next corner.  The trips can be short afternoon drives in the countryside or an overseas international adventure.  It doesn’t matter to me, I just enjoy the journey.  In addition to travel, I also have a love of photography!  The great thing about travel is that it offers many great opportunities for pursuing photography!  Up to this point, the pictures in my Blog are just quick snapshots with a small pocket camera.  When I started the Blog, I didn’t want to create a photography blog but rather a personal travel / lifestyle blog so I didn’t focus on the pictures that much.  But since I can’t really separate my love of travel and my love of photography… I will try to post some of my better shots in future posts!   
Below is a recent shoot I did, a friend wanted pictures of himself with his Ford Mustang. 


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I am an adventure-loving American man, with a severe case of wander-lust and a desire to experience as much of this wonderful world as humanly possible. Every place I have visited or lived has taught me something about life and helped me grow. For me, traveling opens my eyes to how similar the human race is, yet at the same time, how unique we all are. I hope this blog will motivate you to put down the TV remote, dust off your backpack and decide to take a chance on an adventure. It can be a walk in a new neighborhood 2 miles from home or a trip to a far off distant land. I have lived in or visited over 50 countries during my life and hope to see many more. I want to share my experiences. I hope you enjoy the blog. -WAND3R3R, Somewhere on the Globe, 2014.