Size Matters…. No Really…. with RVs that Is!

Friends and visitors who have been following my blog for the last year know that my home on wheels is a 2005 Ford F350 DRW Truck with a 2002 Bigfoot Truck Camper.  I mentioned in my last post that a  Volkswagen Camper Van my family owned back in the 1970s probably got me first interested in the numerous possibilities of life on the road.  Vans, trucks with campers, RVs etc… so many options, all with their own strengths and weaknesses… I personally like having everything in a small package, not that those great big 42′ RVs are not beautiful to look at, because they are!  But they are not for me!  I like all the creature comforts in as small a package as possible.  That brings me to the Netherlands, a small country that makes the best possible use of every square inch!  I lived in the Netherlands in the 1990s for 3 years and speak, read and write Dutch.  I have visited twice in the last year and hope to go back again soon.  The last time I was there, I took a few pictures of a very compact RV, it’s a RomaHome.
Bertha (my Camper) is probably twice the size!

Checkout the RomaHome website,

So why did I post these pictures now?  Well I was thinking about the smallest possible RV, what platform could one use?  I like the new Ford Transit delivery trucks and thought that maybe they would make a great small RV, so after a quick search on the internet, what do I find?  A Dutch Company that already makes an RV on the Ford Transit platform… see link below;

What I like most about the two small RVs pictured above is the mileage and the walk-thru floorplan.


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