Home Sweet Home….

I returned from Greece last night, my sleep clock was a bit off so I went to bed around 7 PM. I had been up for 26 hours prior and was very tired. The trip was a great time, I got to see a lot in 2 weeks. I think I enjoyed the mainland better than the islands. I liked seeing the many historical sites I had studied in college many moons ago. I remember my Humanities Class where we studied the various types of Greek Columns. I never could remember the difference between a Doric and Corinthian Column but now after a visit to Greece, I actually know which is which. All that unnecessary data neatly stored away in my brain for future use…lol.
I found the Greeks to be very friendly and great hosts. Most spoke English very well and were eager to help you in anyway. They were honest too, never once did I get short-changed or over-charged, thanks! My favorite place was probably Olympia, site of the first Ancient Olympic Games. I really enjoy the modern day Olympics and it was awesome seeing the site with my own eyes. A must see for visitors to Greece. Now that I am home I have to plan what I am going to do for the Winter…? I think warmer pastures are in my future……


Santorini, Greece 2011.

Three days in Santorini, Greece. I really enjoyed the island, sailed for a day, visited the towns of Oia and Thira and ate some great food. Now it's time to head back to Athens.