Kountry Kupboard Bulk Food Store, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The Kountry Kupboard Bulk Food Store in Harrodsburg, Kentucky is perhaps the best lunch deal this side of the Mississippi River!  I live about 12 miles from the Store and go there at least a few times a month for lunch.  As you can see below, the sandwiches are awesome!  They are so huge, I usually can only eat 1/2 the sandwich (and save the other 1/2 for dinner).  The price….? How does $4.00 dollars sound?  If you ever find yourself on HW 127 between Lawrenceburg and Harrodsburg, make sure you stop at the Kountry Kupboard Store, not only do they have awesome sandwiches but lots of other great eats!


The Pond is Filling Up….. Yeah!

After some recent heavy storms here in central Kentucky, my pond is finally filling up!  I hope this Winter season brings lots of rain and snow so perhaps by next Spring I can start to stock it with fish.  If you look carefully at the below pictures you can see the bubbler working and providing air to the pond.  The windmill powers the bubbler, no power source necessary!

What’s good about a pond?
1)  A pond can serve as a water source for both drinking water (when properly purified) and irrigation water for crops during a drought.
2)  A pond can provide a source of food when properly stocked with fish!
3)  A pond will bring more wildlife to your property.
4)  A pond is a great place for recreation, fishing, swimming…. just hanging out.
5)  A pond makes a property more valuable by adding not only beauty but functionality.


Size Matters…. No Really…. with RVs that Is!

Friends and visitors who have been following my blog for the last year know that my home on wheels is a 2005 Ford F350 DRW Truck with a 2002 Bigfoot Truck Camper.  I mentioned in my last post that a  Volkswagen Camper Van my family owned back in the 1970s probably got me first interested in the numerous possibilities of life on the road.  Vans, trucks with campers, RVs etc… so many options, all with their own strengths and weaknesses… I personally like having everything in a small package, not that those great big 42′ RVs are not beautiful to look at, because they are!  But they are not for me!  I like all the creature comforts in as small a package as possible.  That brings me to the Netherlands, a small country that makes the best possible use of every square inch!  I lived in the Netherlands in the 1990s for 3 years and speak, read and write Dutch.  I have visited twice in the last year and hope to go back again soon.  The last time I was there, I took a few pictures of a very compact RV, it’s a RomaHome.
Bertha (my Camper) is probably twice the size!

Checkout the RomaHome website,


So why did I post these pictures now?  Well I was thinking about the smallest possible RV, what platform could one use?  I like the new Ford Transit delivery trucks and thought that maybe they would make a great small RV, so after a quick search on the internet, what do I find?  A Dutch Company that already makes an RV on the Ford Transit platform… see link below;


What I like most about the two small RVs pictured above is the mileage and the walk-thru floorplan.


Wander-Lust and Photography Go Together Like Milk and Cookies…

As far back as I can remember, I have suffered from Travel-Lust.  I think a family trip when I was 12 years old from Ohio to California in a red Volkswagen Camper Van helped start my love of travel and adventure!  I love seeing what’s around the next corner.  The trips can be short afternoon drives in the countryside or an overseas international adventure.  It doesn’t matter to me, I just enjoy the journey.  In addition to travel, I also have a love of photography!  The great thing about travel is that it offers many great opportunities for pursuing photography!  Up to this point, the pictures in my Blog are just quick snapshots with a small pocket camera.  When I started the Blog, I didn’t want to create a photography blog but rather a personal travel / lifestyle blog so I didn’t focus on the pictures that much.  But since I can’t really separate my love of travel and my love of photography… I will try to post some of my better shots in future posts!   
Below is a recent shoot I did, a friend wanted pictures of himself with his Ford Mustang. 


Mt Nachismo, Tio’s Mexican Restaurant, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Above, the before view of Mt Nachismo.
Below, the after view of the remains of Mt Nachismo.

This week I am playing “Uncle Buck.”  My older brother asked me to stay with his high school aged kids while he is on a vacation.  I was more than happy to spend some time with my niece and nephew.  My nephew Jack wanted to go to an Ann Arbor to eat at a mexican restaurant that was on the “Food Networks” program, “Man vs Food.”  So we decided to take on the 5 pound nacho plate called Mt. Nachismo, we did pretty well but it took 3 of us almost 45 mins to eat the plate.  In order to get the plate free, one person needs to eat it in 45 mins…