Chilling Like a Cat on Mykonos.

I went to lunch in town this afternoon before I depart Mykonos and saw this cat chilling on a scooter seat. In my next life I want to come back as a cat on Mykonos Island.


From Mykonos to Santorini.

After an awesome 3 days on the Island of Mykonos, today we take the high speed ferry to the Island of Santorini. Mykonos was great but windy. The West Coast of the Island seemed to have 20 mph winds both day and night. One last walk around the town of Mykonos before our departure. On to Santorini…


Mykonos Island, Greece.

Yesterday we rented a car and took a drive around 80 % of the island. Mykonos does not have a costal road that allows you to drive around the entire island. The roads are more like spokes on a wheel with the town of Ano Mera being the hub where all spokes join in the center of the island. The town of Mykonos is located on the West coast of the island and is the center for most tourist activity. The large cruise ships off-load just across the bay at the new port. For those travelers interested in shopping, the town of Mykonos is the best place. You can literally walk for hours and shop till you run out of money. The main beaches are located on the south end of The Island. Paradise, Super Paradise and Elia are probably the biggest and best known beaches. During our drive I found Kalafatis Beach to be my favorite. It is on the far South East end of the Island and had a more laid back atmosphere. After our drive all day we decided to have dinner in the Port Town of Ornos. Whe had a very enjoyable dinner on the beach and watched some Greek Dancers. Today is a day to relax and shop a little!


Birthplace of the Nude Beach, Mykonos, Greece, 2011.

A popular Mykonos Beach.

A popular Mykonos Beach.

After a wonderful week on the Greek Mainland, I am sitting at breakfast in a nice little hotel on the Island of Mykonos, Greece. I arrived by boat yesterday and am enjoying a more relaxed pace! The hotel is about a 10 min walk from downtown and has a great view of the town and the ocean. Mykonos is famous as a great vacation destination that offers both wild nightlife as well as relaxed beaches. I joke about it being the birthplace of the nude beach only because it does have nude beaches and historically the Greeks participated in sporting events in the buff. I’m not modest but worry that my fish belly white body might frighten some of the tourists. If I decide to sunbathe in the raw I promise not to post any pictures as this blog is G Rated and the flash of sun off my whiteness might blur the image! Today, I plan to rent a small car and try to get lost.