Spend a Day in Ouray, Colorado.

North of Silverton about 25 miles is another gem of a former mining town, Ouray, Colorado.  Named after a Ute Indian Chief.  The town is also know as the “Switzerland of America” and the “Jeep” capital of the world.  It seems every 3rd vehicle is a Jeep.  The town is truly picturesque, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I have never heard mention of Ouray before!

Above, a bust of Chief Ouray in front of the Ouray Historical Society Museum.  The Museum houses a great collection of historical information of the town from its early mining days up to the present.  A visit to the Museum is a must!

Below, a plaque with more information about Chief Ouray in front of the site where his home once stood.

Above, Bertha takes a break on Main Street in Ouray, Colorado.

Above,  a view looking South on Main Street Ouray, Colorado.

Below,  a series of pictures from Box Canyon Falls in Ouray, Colorado.

Above, a shot of the beautiful turn of the century architecture in Ouray, Colorado.

Below, the Ouray County Courthouse, Ouray, Colorado.

Above, the Beaumont Hotel, Ouray, Colorado.  The Beaumont (French for Beautiful Mountain) is celebrating its 125 year anniversary this year.  The Hotel originally built in 1886, was re-opened in 2003 after a 5 year, 23 million dollar renovation.  It is truly a work of art.  It was restored to it’s original beauty after 35 years of neglect from the 1960s to the late 1990s.  At 1:00 PM daily, the Hotel offers a guided tour for 1 dollar.  I recommend you get to the Hotel in the morning and sign up for the tour.  It last about 30 mins and gives you some very interesting facts about the Hotel and some of its famous guests.

Below, a picture of the Grand Staircase in the beautiful Beaumont Hotel, Ouray, Colorado.

Above, the Front Desk at the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray, Colorado.

Below, a reminder of the importance mining played in the history of Ouray, Colorado.  Look carefully at the center of the picture and see the mine shaft building holding tight to the side of the mountain.


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