Another Great Coffee Shop, Prescott, Arizona

I like coffee shops.  Mostly because I love Coffee, but also because I like people and free internet.  Coffee shops attract an eclectic mix of people.  Let’s face it, humans like being around other humans, (most of us), and people watching is always good at coffee shops.  There are more than a few coffee shops in Prescott that have earned my business.

“Cuppers” at 226 Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona (one block from the Plaza),

is a turn of the century home turned into a coffee shop.  Not only do they make a GREAT cup of coffee but they make a great salad too.

Below, my lunch today, a Spinach and Apple Salad (1/2 Order for $4.95), very tasty!

I have decided to start giving the restaurants and cafes / coffee shops I visit, a rating system.  
Since Bertha is of the Bigfoot Family, my rating system with be….
The scale will be from 1 to 5 feet, with 1 foot being not so good and 5 feet being over the top GREAT.  
Today’s lunch gets 4 Feet.
Cuppers Coffee Shop gets 4 Bigfeet out of a possible 5.


Prescott; At the Courthouse Plaza, Nightly Entertainment

Just about every evening during the Summer months Prescott has some type of nightly entertainment at the Courthouse Plaza.  Tonight was Prescott’s version of “Idol.”  16 contestants sang for a crowd of at least 400 people!  Bring your dogs, a chair and enjoy music on Thursday evenings at the Courthouse Plaza.

The Resting Cowboy below;


Sleeping with a Big Boned White Woman.

I have a confession to make…. well sort of, kind of….

I have been sleeping with a big-boned white woman for 3 years now and really enjoy it.  Her name is Bertha and she really is a beautiful lady.  At first our relationship was only on weekends or holidays but since May of this year she and I have been together full-time!

Below is a picture of my gal.  Although the picture is a few years old it still captures her beauty…. (this is a joke)

I am making a joke in the above Post!  One of my blog readers asked “who Bertha was…”  So I decided to post her picture again!  I guess the new visitor to my Blog has not read all my postings…. oh well I don’t blame them, they have been kind of dry…. so I will try to spice things up in the coming posts.  Hmmmm, Does anyone want to see Bertha in her nightgown?


Prescott, Arizona … “Everybody’s Hometown.”

I spent last night in Prescott parked close to the County Courthouse.  It was a cool evening, in the mid 70s and quiet.  My only complaint is that just about every street within a 10 block radius of the Plaza is limited to 2 hour parking from 08:00 to 6:00 pm (as you can see on the above picture).  Keep in mind this 2 hour parking limit as you set out to explore town because the parking scooters are on the lookout.  After a nice swim at 06:00 am, I decided to have breakfast at the “Dinner Bell Cafe.”  A nice little cafe 2 blocks from the Plaza.  The food and atmosphere were great.

After breakfast, Bertha and I parked across the street from the Chamber of Commerce on the Plaza (below) and in the shade.  Both Berth and I liked the shade provided by the old Elm Trees.  Remember the 2 hour parking limit…. darn.

Behind Bertha is the Chamber of Commerce Building (formerly the County Jail and Firehouse) where the nice, mature ladies can answer any and all questions about Prescott!  No matter how long you plan to stay in Prescott, the wise first stop would be the Chamber of Commerce Building on the Plaza Square, get some maps and literature!

Below, The County Courthouse Building with a statue of “America’s First Cowboy.”

Above, The Yavapai County Courthouse Building in Prescott, Arizona.

Below,  a few pictures of the famous “Whiskey Row” (Montezuma Street) in Prescott, Arizona.

Ok, time for a coffee at the “Rave Cafe.”


Hasta Luego San Diego

Today at zero dark thirty in the AM,  I departed one of the most wonderful cities on the planet (at least I think so)  San Diego, California!  I spent about 5 weeks and had a great time!  Bertha and I departed at 02:30 in the AM, that’s early even for military standards!  I wanted to avoid the mid-day heat of Yuma, Az and avoid traffic on HW 8.  I am happy to report that I avoided both traffic and the heat, and never had to use the air-conditioning during the entire 7 hour trip.  Along the way I stopped in Quartzite, Az to fill up with gas (diesel) and to my surprise the entire town was without power!  No power….no fuel!  Yep that’s right, a bad storm hit hours before I arrived and took out the power.  As I continued my journey to Prescott, Az along HW 60,  I thought, how can an entire town be without power?  It’s not possible,  oh yes it is…. I soon noticed how and why.  About 20 miles north east of Quartzite along HW 60,  I passed 15 or more telephone poles split in half and the power lines on the ground?  about a dozen large power company trucks were working to restore power.  So that brings me to a short rant of sorts… If you are not prepared for a natural disaster (not to mention manmade disasters) then you should probably think about preparing!  How about getting a small generator, stocking some H2O,  food etc…. I mean it might just happen to you like it did to the people of Quartzite, Az early this morning.
I am now sitting at the “Raven Cafe” in Prescott drinking a coffee and getting ready to explore Prescott (or Press-Kit) as it’s properly pronounced.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what to see and do in Prescott?  I promise lots of pictures in the next few days.


San Diego Waterfront

This morning I took a long 3 hour walk along the San Diego Waterfront and Gas-Lamp District.  It was cool, and lucky for me the marine layer provided relief from the sun.  If you want a nice walk with lots to see, park your car near N Harbor Drive and Grape Street.  Then walk South along the waterfront, you will pass numerous old ships, the San Diego Maritime Museum and Sea Port Village where you can take a break and shop or enjoy something to eat.

Below, the “No Fishing” sign in 8 different languages didn’t deter this man from fishing in the harbor?


Introducing Bertha

My home on wheels is a 2002 Bigfoot Truck Camper on a 2005 Ford F350 4×4 DRW Truck.

She has everything you find in a studio apartment, to include a bathroom with a shower.  The best thing  about a home on wheels is that you can change your front yard as often as you like.  The space is small but I’ve found that we use the space available to us.  The more shelves and closets we have the more stuff we acquire to fill those shelves!  When I’m not on the road I park on 20 acres of pasture / woodland in rural Kentucky.

Above is a picture of the Bodiac front 2″ hitch with a cargo carrier.

Below is the Floor Plan of “Bertha” from the BigfootRv website.