Kelty “Car-Port” a Good Piece of Gear!

Today I decided to put up some shade at my camp site.  It was getting hot and my camper doesn’t have an awning so I broke out the “Kelty Car-Port.”  I have not used it in a few years but luckily I saved the directions and set up was pretty easy.  “The Car-Port” is light-weight, easy to assemble and very versatile.  It can be set up with the forward edge on the ground, as I have done today (see picture below).  You can also set it up with the long two front legs that give it sufficient room for a 6 ft tall person to easily stand under.  When in the low position, you can deploy the side flaps giving you protection from the sun in all directions.  In the future I will try to post information about equipment I use that I think is “a good piece of gear.”

 I give the Kelty Car-Port 4 Big-Feet out of a possible 5

Above,  Instant (well almost instant) SHADE.  The “Kelty Car-Port” deployed next to Bertha to add shade to the campsite!


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